Soooo-Chocolate Muffins

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They are soooo chocolate! I mean, really chocolate chocolate : )
Definitely a recipe for those who are in favour of cocoa and (not necessarily sweet) chocolate – that would be my Dad for example. For Mum, not so much.
Muffins are soft and not heavy at all. They can be easily seperated from the cups. And when it comes to taste.. hmmm… a pinch of highly addictive bitterness… : )
Placing them really high on my personal top muffin list : )
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Nutella Muffins

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With a bit of delay…
Yummy over all yummies! They’re finger-licking good!
Really delicious muffins with nutella filling for both the young and… the young-at-heart : )
Soft and sweet they are… Well, let’s not exaggearate with this sweetness… We don’t need any remorse, do we? : )
While baking, nutella catches this amazing crispy effect, which makes eating them even more pleasant.
This position is a must-bake for all muffin-eaters!
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Butter Croissants

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My first post here : )
Would be nice if not the last one.

You may say that croissants would be perfect for breakfast time but it was one Sunday evening that I decided to make them for the first time. And to tell you the truth, they barely survived till the morning!
Now, the question is what they’ve got that other croissants mostly lack in..? Hmm… Personally I think it’s all about their “butterness” They’re soft, subtle and, let it sound ad-like, but they simply melt in the mouth… Yummy!
There is one huge trouble about them – you just can’t stop eating them ; )
I highly encourage you to make them – the best are still hot straight from the oven : )

Just as a matter of explanation, since it’s just the beginning of my cooking path, most of the recipes used on Sarenka Baking will be taken from my Baking Guru. Dorotko, thank you soooooooooo much for your amazing Moje Wypieki and for all the inspiration you gave to me!
This recipe can be also found here
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