Chocolate Pavlova with Raspberries

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I need to post it now now now!
It’s not that meringues are my favourite. No, not at all. Especially a heap of cream is not something I am crazy about but… But! Chocolate Pavlova is just great! It won my taste buds right away!

Meringue is sweet because well… it’s a meringue ;P Raspberries give sourness -> Perfect Combination!
And as it is with Pavlova, cripsy outside, chewy inside and these pieces of chocolate… Just the way I like it :)
The recipe comes from the well-known Nigella.

And two more things:
1° Just do not beat the meringue for too long at the end of beating :)
2° That’s another possibility to use the whites after making yummy yummy apple pie :)
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