Caffe Latte Ice-cream

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2013-10-28 12.13.53

I realise it’s getting colder and colder and baking now is more about using cinnamon, chocolate, ginger and all other body-heaters but… I decided to jump at the chance, since one of the last sunshine welcomed us today, and post something connected with my favourite summer :)
Yes… calling out for summer…

Not sure how to explain it but I can’t do without chocolate, nuts and… ice-cream. An evening begins, the freezer opens itself(!) and there is no other option – ice-cream has to be eaten :)

Caffe Latte is yum-yum :) Even at the time of preparing it, it’s impossible not to eat it straight from the bowl :)
I’m a bit mad at myself because the ice-cream could be even better (especially in its texture) if I hadn’t been that absent-minded lately. Lost my head completely… What exactly happened? Well, instead of adding yolks only, silly Marta added whole eggs. I got a bit afraid that it would turn out to be a complete disaster but phew :) Still, I would suggest to stick to the original recipe… Would be safer :)
As for me, I can only promise there will be another attempt, yet this time being more attentive :)

Oh, they’re delicious :)
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