Passion fruit curd

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Ehh… passion fruit… this problematic passion fruit ;D The hunting took me more than half a year. Really, nowhere to be found (imagine the city I live in ;P) I almost decided on buying some pseudo-passion fruit stuff on the Internet and… ha! those who wait are rewarded (well, mostly ;P) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered Tesco supermarket and saw them lying on the shelves… waiting for me ;D Sooo, into the basket and straight to the checkout! The cashier was so polite to ask me what it was because… she didn’t have the foggiest idea ;D Well, no wonder – if they’ve got passion fruit on offer once a year…
Having bought it, I rushed home thinking what to do with my passion fruit curd :)
One thing is sure, I’ll definitely share my ideas later on :)

Now… the thing is, I can’t decide which curd is better – this one or maybe the lemon one :) Both are de-li-cious :) And that is why, I highly recommend trying both… You never know what can be to your taste until you check it out, right? :)

Ingredients (jar of 220g):

  • 75ml passion fruit pulp (I used 4 fruit of the purple kind)
  • 70g baking sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 yolk
  • 1 Tbs lemon juice
  • 50g butter

Whisk the egg with a yolk and sugar until incorporated.

Start heating it up on a low-heat constantly stirring it.

Basically, at this point with no waiting add the pulp, lemon juice and butter.

Still heating up on a low-heat mix, mix mix :) till it boils.
The moment it starts bubbling, take it off the heat, pour into the jar and twist it.

I keep my curd in the fridge.

Now… the biggest problem – trying to refrain yourself from eating the curd straight from the jar ;)
I keep my fingers crossed for you… and for myself too ;)

Stolen from Moje Wypieki.

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