Malaga Ice-Cream

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One of my favourite ice-cream! Home-made version :)
Just before I start my drooling over it, I need to warn you they’re slightly different from those you can buy in the shops. The ready-made one is somehow more intense in taste and more… malaga-like :)
What I mean is that while tasting this home-made version, you may not say right away it’s malaga ice-cream you’ve known since forever :) Yet, surely you will say it’s really delicious :)
I added a lot of rum (well, why wouldn’t I? ;P) and additionally raisins were soaked in… rum too ;D So as you can see, my malaga ice-cream is THE ice-cream :))
Well, to be honest, that’s not my end when it comes to searching for a perfect malaga ice-cream recipe… Rather a beginning :) As for now, I decided to stick to Shulie’s recipe which I found on her Food Wanderings. Good choice, really :)
Try it out, it’s worth it :)
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Wholegrain Bread

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One of the best bread on Sarenka!
One of the best I’ve ever made!
I mean, one of the best… for me :) If you’re not fond of heavy bread with a lot of seeds inside, then you’ll have to search for something else. I have to admit that though the bread may seem quite heavy, the inside is rather fluffy and far from being solid!
As you may have noticed, I’ve been making yeast-based bread only… but this leaven-based ones… Hmmm… Still on my mind, still on my mind :)

As for now, try this one – especially those who CAN see the difference between the ready-made and home-made breadstuff :)

And one more thing, kind of important – if you’re sitting in your armchairs now, whining over your poor fitness motivation, blaming yourself for lack of consistency in exercising etc etc, go to the kitchen NOW! Make this bread NOW! During kneading I guess I burnt thousands of calories ;D
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Walnut Plait

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So here is the second one!
I’ll risk to say… it’s even more delicious than the first one ;)

As I mentioned before, I made it from the same dough I used in Cinnamon Plait, with slight changes when it comes to the filling. Apart from cinnamon and sugar, I also added ground walnuts and this composition turned out to be (as I call it) a baking bingo!
The thing that hasn’t changed is (one of the most delicious) crispy crust ever! I could eat all of it!

If you’re worried that walnuts can add this bitterness to the taste, leave your fears behind – it is just the way it should be, meaning perfect! :)
… And plaiting itself was sort of easier this time ;P
All in all, looking and tasting at its best :)
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Graham Rolls

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First time I made them, they disappeared so fast that I didn’t manage to take even one picture of them :)
This time I was more lucky :)

When you compare them with other bread, they taste a bit different. It’s because of honey and, above all, graham flour that you use while making these rolls. Here in Poland (especially in small towns) it’s a bit difficult to find this particular kind of flour. That is why, the moment you do, buy it right away :) It’s good to supply yourself with that kind of ingredients :) Especially, if you are a person with various cravings… like I am ;P
Kneading the dough is really exhausting and monotonous, it also takes some time but… it’s really worth all this effort, it is :) Once the dough is ready, you’ll see how cooperative it is while forming the rolls :)

I was baking them late in the evening just to enjoy my breakfast with yummy rolls :)
(And… not sure how it happened but some of them had already disappeared before I woke up ;P)

One of my favourites :)
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Cinnamon Plait

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Made today, posted today!
Why? Oh my! Because it’s soooooo delicious!
As usual, I needed at least several weeks to get myself together and bake it :) I looked through dozens of blogs, checking on doughs’ recipes mostly and… to tell you, I was stunned with the pictures of the plaits I’d seen :) Simply beautiful :) Well, I ended up using the most reliable recipe ever, that is a recipe from Moje Wypieki :)
From the original recipe I decided to steal the idea for the dough only. And I’m telling you, it’s amazing! Yet, the proportions given made me make two smaller plaits instead of one big :) The second plait soon on Sarenka too :))
When it comes to the Cinnamon Plait, for me it could be all covered with this yummy crispy yummy cinnamon crust! Soooooooo good it is :D


And I’m terribly sorry for my chaotic writing today but a moment ago Kamil-the-ski-jumper won a gold medal in the Olympic Games!!! I’m still so excited!
Well, time for the plait :D
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Double Chocolate Muffins

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If it says “no mixer”, I already like it and it is highly possible I’ll be baking :)
If it says “lots of chocolate”, I’ll be baking :) Even if I don’t like what I baked, there is a Crazy-Chocolate-Man here who will eat anything made of chocolate or cocoa.

Today muffins. Today loads of chocolate. Really really :)
I’m placing them on a quite high position on my personal muffin-list… but hmmm not in the Top3, I guess :)
The original recipe suggests they’re triple chocolate muffins but as for me, cocoa should remain cocoa ;P That’s why I named them (only) Double ;)
Although you can find a lot of chocolate pieces inside, they’re not heavy, they’re not wet. Not at all. I would even say they’re kind of fluffy :)
Chocoholics – something for you :)
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Wholemeal Biscuits

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Made late in the evening just because… there are too few biscuit/cookie recipes on Sarenka ;P
Well, my love to everything that is wholemeal-like is nothing new therefore these biscuits :)
Making them is ridiculously fast, which is kind of important when you compare the effort made with the final results :)
And since not everyone is fond of healthy and fit stuff, some of the biscuits asked me to glaze them with chocolate… Well, how could I refuse? ;D
One more thing when it comes to baking them, according to the original recipe, I should get 35 biscuits, while I got only… 20! That is why I decided to keep them in the oven a bit longer than the author suggests :)
And the biscuits themselves? Quite crumbly, strongly wholemeal, not that sweet and perfect to accompany a glass of warm milk or grain coffee :) And healthier, of course!
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Passion Fruit Roll

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Passion Fruit Curd was waiting in the fridge. I was just wondering what to do with it :) Eventually, it was decided – rolling again!
Last roll was so delicious that I decided to experiment with a more exotic version of it.
Effects? Subtle and fluffy cake with this slight passion fruit taste – baking bingo, so to speak :))
Unfortunately, there is one huge drawback – one slice is not enough to satisfy your bellies ;P Seconds guaranteed :)
Just remember that talking about passion fruit, we have to bear in mind these little (for some, annoying) seeds that can be found in the cream. Oh well, a matter of getting used to it, believe me :)
Sponge cake that I used in this roll is the one that you already know, just made from a bigger number of eggs (though I think making from a portion – 4 eggs + 4Tbs of sugar + 4 Tbs of flour – would be a good idea too).
Check it out, it’s a must!
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Dark (can be also) Happy :)

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Come to the dark side… we have cookies :D
Even darker version of Happy Cookies… and even more delicious! No joke :)
Actually, the recipe is nearly a copy of the one that you already know… The only difference is replacing part of flour with cocoa and that’s all :)
So if you’ve got any m&m’s hidden in your cupboards, find them right now and bake these cookies… for children, of course ;P
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