Nutella Ice-Cream

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Nutella – continuation :)

While making this ice-cream, I decided to look through Ice-Cream Category to see which one is the easiest and the fastest to be made… Aaaand The Express Oscar Goes To… Nutella Ice-Cream! Ha, what a surprise, right? ;P
This ice-cream is so effortless… so uncomplicated… so Delicious :D
Mixing three ingredients, cooling, mixing again and freezing – that’s not much, is it? :)

There is one thing I need to mention about Nutella Ice-Cream, though. It is kind of soft and creamy, that is why do not expect it to be supersolid and not melting. It will melt for sure :)

Well, that’s no secret I was eating the mass straight from the bowl while mixing… It’s too good to resist!
Well, it’s with Nutella so how could you say no..? :)
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(Like) Ferrero Rocher Pralines :)

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It will get more nutellish on Sarenka, I guess :)
I love Nutella. Do I have to say more? :)

These pralines taste the same as the original Ferrero Rocher. Really really really. No joke.
No glazing as you can see. It’s because I’ve been escaping from making it recently :) No idea why :)
Be aware because they’re highly addictive. You won’t be satisfied with one only :)
I found this recipe way too late…

For other Nutella Recipes jump here :)
For the original version of this recipe jump here :)

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Apricot-Coconut Pralines

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Always confusing things… yes, it’s me… :)
This time, the same, exactly the same. Changing, modifying, creating… and to my surprise, they’re so good! :)
I promised to myself that apart from Prune Pralines I would check other praline recipes too :) And so I did!
If I were to say which one are better… hmm… difficult choice. As usual, you’ll have to check on both recipes, I think :)
That’s why… here they come :)
Not much to do, such fun from snacking ;P
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I just love it! I just love it!
I know that it is something I usually say about oat/seed/wholemeal bakery but… Flapjack has become one of my favourites. So serious I am.
I’ve made it three times so far and… up to now, I didn’t manage to take any pictures of it! It all disappeared so quickly! Hmmm… that probably proves how I like it :)
Flapjack has a tendency not to keep a solid form of a biscuit, yes, that’s true. But it’s a typical characteristic of it, I guess :)
When it comes to mixing dried fruit, feel free to use your favourites. Whatever floats your boat :)
Hmm… let me think… I guess I’ve forgotten something… hmmm
Ah, yes!
To the kichen! Check it out! :)
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Prune Pralines with Rum

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Culinary Blog of 2013.
I had to check it, I just had to.
The moment I did… I got depressed. Seriously. When my eyes saw all this vegetarian stuff, I just started wondering where we were going with all this cooking and baking… Kind of sad it was for me to see that the world chose this new fashion over our beautiful tradition of cooking.
And… you know what? I was sooooooo wrong! I can’t recall being so wrong!
I checked one of the recipes and I was left speechless. That is why, I would like to send my apologies to the author of JadÅ‚onomia. I hope you’ll meet less judgemental people on your culinary way :)
These pralines are flawless! I would have never thought you could make such food magic using only few ingredients, fooling one of the biggest chocolate-lovers, by the way ;)
If the rest of the recipes are equally good, I’ve got no further questions :)

It’s fast, it’s healthy, it’s so unphotogenic, yet delicious :)
With slight changes I have introduced :)

One more thing, is it possible to prepare it avoiding eating half of it straight from the bowl? :D
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Irish Tiramisu

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I was supposed to post some other recipe here… but it just hit me! 100th post it would be!
At first, I was in two minds whether to make any fuss about it… whether to make it anyhow special…
Well, it was decided – let’s make something really delicious, something classic… and something that needs a lot of mascarpone because it’s waiting in the fridge ;P
To my surprise, when I checked on Lady Laura’s blog yesterday, it turned out that she had also opted for this dessert! Coincidence? Doubtful :)
If you want to check on her classic version of tiramisu, feel free to jump here. I bet it’s yummy :)

For those who want to check this version, here it is… :)
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Flax Seed Rolls

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Checking out wholemeal bread recipes in progress :)
To tell you the truth, it’s getting worse and worse to choose the most delicious ones! From the moment I made Graham Rolls, I thought they were simply the best but now… now I’m not that sure :) Flax Seed Rolls are sooo good too!
One thing for sure, both recipes are worth trying out :)

Wholemeal flour, seeds – that’s something I like the most :)
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Energy Bars

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Are you in need of rehab?
Do you tend to snack quite often choosing sweets and chocolates mostly?
These Bars will be a nice solution for you :)
Such a simple substitute they are! No-sweet, crispy and very tasty. And above all, they can help you to get rid of this little hunger :)
At first, I wanted to make them as no-bake bars (like in the original recipe) but it turned out they were not solid at all… So a quick decision to finally bake them and… bingo :)
Still, I think I’ll have another attempt to make a no-bake version of them in the nearest future :)
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