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I just love it! I just love it!
I know that it is something I usually say about oat/seed/wholemeal bakery but… Flapjack has become one of my favourites. So serious I am.
I’ve made it three times so far and… up to now, I didn’t manage to take any pictures of it! It all disappeared so quickly! Hmmm… that probably proves how I like it :)
Flapjack has a tendency not to keep a solid form of a biscuit, yes, that’s true. But it’s a typical characteristic of it, I guess :)
When it comes to mixing dried fruit, feel free to use your favourites. Whatever floats your boat :)
Hmm… let me think… I guess I’ve forgotten something… hmmm
Ah, yes!
To the kichen! Check it out! :)

Ingredients (form – 29x12cm)

  • 300g oats
  • 75g dried fruit (as far as I remember, I used 3 dried apricot and 8 prunes ;P)
  • 50g muscovado
  • 120g butter
  • 75-80ml honey

Line the form with bakery paper.

Blend dried fruit (just for a moment, not to mix them completely)

Mix dry ingredients together.

Melt the butter with the honey on low-heat. Try not to boil the mixture.

Pour dry ingredients with the liquid ones and stir it thoroughly.

Place it in the form, pressing the mass tightly to them bottom.

Bake at 180°C for about 25-30 minutes.

Once it’s baked, cut it in the form into squares and leave for chilling.




Taken from Moje Wypieki with slight changes :)

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