(Like) Ferrero Rocher Pralines :)

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It will get more nutellish on Sarenka, I guess :)
I love Nutella. Do I have to say more? :)

These pralines taste the same as the original Ferrero Rocher. Really really really. No joke.
No glazing as you can see. It’s because I’ve been escaping from making it recently :) No idea why :)
Be aware because they’re highly addictive. You won’t be satisfied with one only :)
I found this recipe way too late…

For other Nutella Recipes jump here :)
For the original version of this recipe jump here :)


Ingredients (yields 25 pralines):

  • 100g hazelnut wafers
  • 150g hazelnuts
  • 200g nutella (about 3/4 of cup)

Crush the wafers.
Pre-roast and chop the hazelnuts.
Stir both.

Add nutella and stir all thoroughly.

Form little balls from the mass.
These pralines can be a bit sticky that is why it’s good to chill them in the fridge straightaway.

That’s all!
Could it be easier? :)





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