Nutella Ice-Cream

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Nutella – continuation :)

While making this ice-cream, I decided to look through Ice-Cream Category to see which one is the easiest and the fastest to be made… Aaaand The Express Oscar Goes To… Nutella Ice-Cream! Ha, what a surprise, right? ;P
This ice-cream is so effortless… so uncomplicated… so Delicious :D
Mixing three ingredients, cooling, mixing again and freezing – that’s not much, is it? :)

There is one thing I need to mention about Nutella Ice-Cream, though. It is kind of soft and creamy, that is why do not expect it to be supersolid and not melting. It will melt for sure :)

Well, that’s no secret I was eating the mass straight from the bowl while mixing… It’s too good to resist!
Well, it’s with Nutella so how could you say no..? :)

Ingredients (yields around 800-900ml of ice-cream):

  • 350g nutella (heaped cup)
  • 410g evaporated milk (unsweetened)
  • 1/2 cup milk

Mix all the ingredients.
Chill overnight.

The next day, mix the mass for a moment, put in a container and freeze.

I was checking on the mass every 3 hours, mixing it shortly.
No crystallisation observed :)

Once the mass gets thicker, leave in the freezer.


The recipe taken from Moje Wypieki :)


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