Vanilla-Chocolate Cake

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Traditional Easter cake in Poland.
On my table too :)
Well-known marble pattern.
The cake is a bit heavier than the standard one. It’s because of chocolate as one of the ingredients.
Sad layer… it’s so typical of this type of a cake… Fortunately, not this time! :)
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The Birthday Cake – best!

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I guess I was waiting for this post from the very beginning, from the moment Sarenka was set up, from the moment I started baking “a bit more than usual” :)

Being a child, I remember looking forward to birthday celebration. It was always time spent with my family – my parents, my godparents – it was a-must to celebrate it together. Also the atmosphere of birthday was kind of special. On the one hand, really stressful and making us feel nervous. On the other hand, such pleasant time it was… Especially for such a little child :)
Presents. Obviously having birthday party was also about getting presents, yes. Still, I feel that in my case it was mostly connected with waiting for a birthday cake… THIS birthday cake :) The so-called Auntie Ann’s Birthday Cake :)
Auntie Ann is the author of this deliciousness. She has been baking since I remember… Always, I think :) Sometimes I’m trying to convince myself that I took after her and that’s why I’m baking now too… Maybe she handed down some skills, passion and… a bit of talent(?) to me? :) Let’s hope so :)
When it comes to this birthday cake, there is one way to describe it. I love cream/layer cakes. I’ve eaten a lot of them so far and each time I was tasting any cake I was saying “It’s good but it’s not the same as Auntie Ann’s” :) Let it be the best recommendation.
First time I decided to make it was a year ago and it turned out to be delicious. This year another attempt and… another success… Though I still think it’s not the same as Auntie’s ;P

One year passed for Sarenka :)
Another year passed for me ;P

Wishing myself no oven breaking, tasty baking… let it be my stepping-stone :)
And a big thank you for all of you who are here with me :)
Let’s hope for the next year together :)
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Home-made Baileys

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I’ve just realised that my friend (hope she doesn’t mind calling her this way :)) has been into chillin’ and refreshing things recently… and on Sarenka, quite the contrary – a bit of warming up from the inside :)
First time I heard about Baileys was about three years ago but I wasn’t really interested in it… Well, now I can say it was a mistake, a huge mistake. In my humble opinion, Bailyes is one of the best liqueurs ever. Reading about it, I’ve come across a hint to make Irish Cream with… Irish Whiskey ;P Obvious, isn’t it? ;P Well, it wasn’t for me. Next time I’ll experiment with that kind of alcohol for sure :)
That’s my second attempt to home-made Baileys. First time it was good but too sweet, I think. This recipe is so way better!
I’ve looked through and been inspired by numerous blogs… and this recipe is a result of my seeking :)
If it happens that my next attempt will resemble original version even more, I’ll update things here :)
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