Home-made Baileys

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I’ve just realised that my friend (hope she doesn’t mind calling her this way :)) has been into chillin’ and refreshing things recently… and on Sarenka, quite the contrary – a bit of warming up from the inside :)
First time I heard about Baileys was about three years ago but I wasn’t really interested in it… Well, now I can say it was a mistake, a huge mistake. In my humble opinion, Bailyes is one of the best liqueurs ever. Reading about it, I’ve come across a hint to make Irish Cream with… Irish Whiskey ;P Obvious, isn’t it? ;P Well, it wasn’t for me. Next time I’ll experiment with that kind of alcohol for sure :)
That’s my second attempt to home-made Baileys. First time it was good but too sweet, I think. This recipe is so way better!
I’ve looked through and been inspired by numerous blogs… and this recipe is a result of my seeking :)
If it happens that my next attempt will resemble original version even more, I’ll update things here :)

Ingredients (gives 0,7l):

  • 250ml whisky
  • a can (530g) of condensed sweetened milk or a can of ready-made dulce de leche
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream (33%)
  • 2 tsp instant coffee
  • few drops of vanilla flavour

Boil the can of condensed milk for three hours.
The can should be covered with water the whole time.
Cool it.

(If you’re using dulce de leche, it’s ready to be used straight from the can with no boiling)

Infuse coffee in as little amount of boiling water as possible.

Mix dulce de leche with alcohol.
Add heavy cream, coffee and vanilla flavour. Mix again till combined.

Pour into the bottle.
Place in the fridge.

Before serving it’s good to take it out of the fridge so that the liqueur is not that thick :)



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