Chocolate Pavlova with ForestFruit Jelly

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Meringues are usually really really sweet. That is why, they’re not to everyone’s taste.
To mine, they are :)
Especially chocolate ones… additionally with a bits of chocolate inside :) The more chocolatey something is, the better :)

It is a good idea to break the sweetness of a meringue. Serving it with fruit like strawberries or raspberries is nothing new :)
This time – ForestFruit Jelly! I’ve made it for the first time and it turned out to be a bingo!
It all really matches :)
Try it out… my Cousin loved it :))
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The Granola :)

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All of the ingredients are my favourite! That is why this granola is mine, mine, mine!!! :)
I decided to make my own version because I noticed that I had a tendency to look through my previous granolas, searching for some bigger pieces of nuts… Then I thought – why would I look for the best ingredients if… all of them can be the best!

In my granola chopping is not welcome. Well, maybe just a bit :) I like when the nuts are big, noticeable and extremely crunchy :) And roasted hazelnuts… oh mummy… it’s like a tiny version of nutella… The best with hot milk :)

You’re all invited… :)
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Pavlova in a Coffee Bath :)

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I started loving meringue when it turned out it’s so fast to be made :)
Well, alright… Making it is fast, drying and chilling – that’s a different pair of shoes ;)

Six whites left after making Strawberry Ice-Cream… and all of a sudden I saw beautiful pistacho meringues at Kraina Sosny… I started digging his blog and finally I found Her Majesty’s, Pavlova :)
Impressive. I had to make it. Coffee sauce just tipped the scales :)
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Rhubarb-Strawberry Ice-Cream

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I would have never thought of adding rhubarb to ice-cream!
What is more, I would have never thought that this kind of combination can be so tasty!
And to tell you, I would be soooo wrong :)

From time to time I’m trying to look through some particular categories, checking on my favourite recipes.
Once I’ve checked Ice-Cream Category, I was surprised to find out that… almost everything is equally yummy! I really think I can’t choose which ones are better and which even better than just better ;P

And now this recipe… Another favourite!
Mum is saying that this Ice-Cream is highly addictive… Well, she couldn’t be more right!
And this taste of rhubarb entwining with vanilla ice-cream… Mhmmm… Fantastic combination.

I just hope that my beloved Auntie let me steal some more rhubarb from her precious garden :)
Because I’ll do it again… For sure!
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