Brown MiniMeringues

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Just stopped by to leave these little meringues here :)

There was a heavy storm in my town today… Oh, heavy it was :)
If you are curious how my Kalisz looks like after the storm, check it out here.

Well, the storm is over – time to bake something!
Whites left after making RedCurrant Ice-Cream couldn’t wait anymore… :)
Inspired by Kinga, I made them… Not too sweet, a bit coffee-like, a a bit caramel-like… Perfectly go with a cup coffee :)
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RedCurrant Ice-Cream

HTML tutorial

Such a long break!
I should be ashamed of myself… but I’m not ;P because I’ve just come back from the most wonderful holidays ever! :)))

I have to admit I feel a bit strange posting on Sarenka again… Well, need to put myself together, I think :)

There is this craze about red and black currant now… Especially on Dorota’s blog… The decision was quite easy – their craze – currant, my personal craze – ice-cream… Then RedCurrant Ice-Cream! :)

It’s flawless… Sour, really sour… You can feel this currant-acid pinching your tongue! So nice!
I’ll have to try out BlackCurrant version too, oh yes :)
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