Chocolate Birthday Cake with Cherry Jam

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I adore birthday cakes, all of them… Well, maybe these chocolatey-chocolate ones a bit more :)

This one was supposed to be served with plum stew… but while preparing the cake, it turned out that there were dozens of jars of jam and confiture, just no plum one :P
I ended up with cherry jam as an alternative… Good choice :)

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Cherry Jam is wet wet wet :) And soaked too. Surprisingly, not heavy.
It’s not too sweet, either… For me, it’s a huge advantage of a cake :)
What is more, when we think about preparing birthday cakes, we think “Oh, Jesus, it is so time-consuming”… Well, this one, comparing to others, is relatively quick to be made. And not that complicated :)
Oh, and one more thing, it looks really really presentable :)

It’s not the last time I made it. Maybe next time with these unfortunate plums..? :)
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Raspberry Sorbet

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Loads of raspberries!

I have never made any sorbet thinking that it was just a worse version of real creamy creamy ice-cream… Well, wrong.
It is so refreshing, acidic and so so so cooling :)
Tastes best straight from the box :)

PS. If I manage to steal some more raspberries from my grandparents’ garden, I’ll announce a sorbet battle! Oh yes! :)
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Dulce de leche Brownies

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It’s like toffi, it’s like fudge… It is ridiculously sweet :)
The mass itself, not the cake :)

You may say I started saying hello to autumn but… not exactly… I just opened the wrong can ;P
I realised I saw no difference between sweetened condensed milk and dulce de leche… So once the can was opened, I had to make a use of it ;)

Brownies is quick to be made… Delicious in its heaviness… And so non-fruity ;P
So why not to make it? :))
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