Raspberry Liqueur

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It all started a year ago… and here we have the effects :)

Just to remind you, alcohol + me or me + alcohol… not the best combination :)
Still, it is sweet and I really like sweet :)

The whole story with this raspberry liqueur starts at my grandparents’. We usually bring several bowls full of raspberries from the country thinking what to do with them :) Some time ago my aunt decided to make this liqueur and… well, I decided to follow :)
The truth is, I cannot stand cold, I cannot stand lack of sunshine, I cannot stand short days and… freezing feet :) Yes, I know, central heating can be really helpful. It’s just sometimes you need to warm yourself up from the inside… Especially when this warming up can be so so sweet ;)

Recommended for runny nose, sore throat or long autumn evenings… Just remember, everything in moderation :)

Ingredients (gives around 1l of liqueur):

  • 0,5kg raspberries
  • 0,5kg sugar
  • 0,5l spirit

Place the raspberries in a jar, add sugar and pour it all with spirit.
Leave it for 3-4 months. Let the flavours intertwine :)
From time to time shake the jar so that sugar dissolves completely.




After this time, filter the liqueur and pour it into the bottle.
Leave for several months.

My liqueur started tasting really really raspberry-like after a… mentioned year :)

Warm evenings to You All :)


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