Gooseberry Cake

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How I couldn’t stand this cake when I was a little girl! Yuck yuck!
This gooseberry mass was unacceptable for me… And it was so so so sour! How could you serve such a sour cake to a little girl who loved sweet things so much, huh? :) Seems Mum was making this cake only for herself, ha! truth revealed! :))

Well, Mum was so in love with Gooseberry Cake that she suggested baking it again… You can only imagine how happy I was :) So she was the one persuading me all the time… till my little heart broke down ;)
For me it’s a Sentiment Cake… Taste of My Childhood…
And one thing is sure, our taste changes with us… My appreciation for sour cakes began not so long ago. That is why, only now I can appreciate this cake too. Now I understand :)

I truly don’t know where Mum took this recipe from. She’s got like thousands of them :)
But hey, good she had it, right? :)
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Banana Bread

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A lot of working recently. That’s good.
Less time for baking. That’s really bad.
That is why now I can really appreciate these moments when I can unwind spending my time in the kitchen, mixing, cutting, stirring… and of course, tasting!

Browsing through some baking websites, I found several cakes looking so interesting (taste-wise, obviously) that I had to spend some time thinking which one to choose… Well, after a long fight with me, myself and I, the decision was made – I’d make something else ;)
This something else is a cake. I mean, bread… I mean, a cake… Hmmm, that’s the thing – hard to say if that’s more like a cake or bread :) Let’s assume for a moment it’s bread. Well, that’s a sweet one, perfect for coffee. Now, one can say it’s definitely a cake. Really? Everyone who saw it said it was bread, bread for sure! :)
I chose to call it bread as… it’s my Sarenka and well, I can call it the way I want ;)
I’m not a big fan of banana baking therefore it came as a huge surprise that I liked it so much! My taste, absolutely. Banana Bread is quite heavy and wet in its texture. Yes, my taste :)
I found it on Asia’s blog and introduced tiny (really really tiny) alterations :)
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Nutella Cheesecake

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All went wrong, all went wrong… And in the end, this “all” turned out to be prefectly right :)

This cheesecake was a total rebel from the very beginning. No matter what I did, it was somehow telling me “Bake bake, I’ll still turn out to be a mistake”.
Sooo, it collapsed, cracked, glazing died… Shall I continue? :)
There was a moment it really tried to be the meanest cake of all… Burdened with a baking curse or what? ;)

Well, here I am to declare – it may be one of the ugliest cheesecakes on Sarenka but… one of the most delicious too! I couldn’t be more serious.
Have a bite and your taste buds will encounter the flavour of hazelnuts at first… just to turn to this creamy nutella cheesiness in a second… Yummy, just yummy!

As I mentioned before, chocolate glaze died… that’s why here it is for you, the sauté version :)
Simplicity is the answer to everything, as usual :)
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