Last Minute Gingerbread

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Gingerbread topic is still on…

Taking pictures while the cake is almost out… Priceless ;)
But you know, what can I do if the cake disappears so quickly?
After all, it’s a good sign, isn’t it? :)

Just because of a lot of crazy things going on, I missed out the moment of preparing Traditional Gingerbread… I thought “oh well, this year has been different so Christmas will be different too”. Several days before this special time I got (yet another :)) cookery book, namely Ania Starmach’s Delicious. For all occassions. While looking through the first pages, Last Minute Gingerbread recipe hit me! It was a sign ;) Thanks to the gift, Christmas tradition was held :)
When it comes to taste, it can compete with the best gingerbreads you can imagine… even though it does not require weeks of waiting :)

A really good recipe.
For all Mr and Mrs Forgetfuls :)
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I’ve seen loads of positive opinions about these gingerbreads… therefore, I decided to make them too :)
At first, I was sure I failed. They were way too hard. Little stones, so to speak :) But then, two days passed and, miracle! Soft and yummy :)

You know, it’s quite late here now… I’m writing this recipe listening to our local radio. My room is so little and it’s all filled with light coming from my little Christmas tree… Little room, little Christmas tree. Really cosy :) Hot tea on my one side and… Lebkuchen on the other :) Peaceful.
I cannot stand frosting on cookies. I cannot imagine Lebkuchen without frosting. Illogical one may say… Christmas, I say :)

I may be saying that Christmas is not my favourite time of the year but then, here comes an evening like today and… I’m left with no words… With all this laziness, freezing temperatures, even with this frosting… it’s good :) It is good.
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Grasshopper Pie

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If I had known this cake was so easy to be made!
I think what is the most time-consuming about this cake is laying the form with the biscuits ;)
Well, this won’t be a secret if I tell you I changed the original recipe… The thing is, I had to, I really had to… There were some extra products on the shelves waiting to be used ;P You know, priority thing ;P What is interesting is that adding amaretti biscuits gave a completely unexpected combination of flavours – a really good combination, that is :) To tell you, now it’s difficult to imagine this cake could taste in a different way!

If you ask yourself why Grasshopper..? Well, interesting thing again. Apparently, long time ago Filipino cuisine was known for adding real insects to this cake! Total craziness, one may say! But… I think I would be willing to have a go… or have a bite, to be more precise ;P

Below you’ll find the recipe the way I found it.
My alterations are given in the brackets.

Oh, no baking! Isn’t it great? :)
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Choco-Coffee Cheesecake

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Do search till you find.
Cause I did :)

Not so long ago I discovered Dominika’s blog. Dominika has become quite popular thanks to our Polish Masterchef edition. I think I was a big fan of her since the very beginning of the programme. Cheerful, open-minded, deprived of jealousy, helpful… How not to like her? :) And her Kulinarne Bezdro┼╝a (which I would dare to translate to Unbeaten Culinary Track… but still, do forgive me if this translation is inadequate :)) Sooo, her blog… Well, it fully defines and complements her :)
That is why, I wanted to bake something from her recipes so so so much! But to my surprise, it turned out that Dominika keeps on searching for inspiration too! All the time! She is still hungry for cooking challenges! While looking through her recipes, I stumbled across Gotuje bo lubi (Cooks cause she likes it) and I fell in love with one of the cheesecakes immediately :) So as for now, I had to cheat on Dominika a bit ;)

This cheesecake is soft, wet, not sweet at all :)
The combination of tastes is so surprising! Positively so, I mean :)
Just do not turn away from using black currant jam. Just no :)

Here you can find the original recipe.
My version is a bit altered and adjusted to a smaller form :)
It’s really worth trying :)
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Double, triple, quadruple (or whatever it is called ;P) chocolate!
Or I should say CHOCOLATE!
Yes, we like it. Yes, chocolate is our friend. Yes, chocolate doesn’t ask why. It is just where it should be, by your side ;)
At this point, let me finish my chocolate praising because soon you may start thinking I went cuckoo or something (speaking of which, you’ll find a really nice Cuckoo recipe here) :)

These cookies have become one of my favourites. No doubt.
It’s because I don’t like excessive sweetness in baking and here I’d even say they are a bit bitter. Mhmm, yummy!

The original recipe suggests baking them for not more than 15 minutes. Do follow this advice. One moment longer in the oven and your kitchen may smell of burning… Oh, I know what I’m saying ;)

And no mixer… no mixer needed. How I like it :)
I think you’ll like them too :)
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Coconut Square

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I’m not saying it’s Rafaello… I’m not saying it on purpose because… it’s not :)
It’s just a Coconut Square :)
Very easy to make. Express too. Just this cooling time… Waiting waiting… Oh well… :)

And and and, here I am to declare that this cake is not entirely mine! Since I’m working that much, someone had to stay at home and finish what I’d started :) Sooo, me to work, Mum to mixing :) When I got back, the cake had already been in the fridge, cooling. Yes, you can be jealous now :)
I think I could get used to it… ;)
The recipe is from somewhere (or nowhere). The moment I gain some more information, I’ll let you know :)
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Mini-Tarts with Advocaat Cream

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Yes, if you check carefully, you can already find quite similar mini-tarts on Sarenka, here here :)
This time just a bit of a change when it comes to the cream.
I added advocaat… Well, I added it because it’s getting really cold here and liqueur can warm you up a bit ;) Aaand, thanks to the alcohol my mini-tarts are not that bland, tastewise :)
Why black currant jam? As usual, to break the sweetness. I’m not fond of really sweet sweets :)

PS. As you can see, the weather is not photo-friendly… But do believe me, I did my best. I hope my mini-tarts look at least a bit edible :)
Because they are!

December, be good to me :)
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