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Like this popular candy bar. At least the author of the recipe says so :) Personally, I’m not so sure because… I’ve never eaten 3 BIT! :) But if the bar is as good as this cake, no wonder people all over the world like it so much :)

3 BIT cake… Hmmm, what can I say..? It is SWEET! But you know, dulce de leche – sweet, vanilla pudding – sweet and whipped cream… well, it’s not a secret, it’s sweet too :) So the cake is total sweetness :)
And I think I have noticed an interesting thing…I’ve got a complete weakness for cube cakes. All of them I had a chance to make and eat were really really tasty :)

Still in two minds whether to make it or not? Let me tell you another thing – you don’t have to use your oven to make 3 BIT! Now, that is convincing, right? :)

The original recipe you can find here but don’t ask me how long it waited to be made… Because it was too long ;)

Ingredients (form 35x25cm):

  • about 50 biscuits
  • 600g dulce de leche
  • 3 cups milk
  • 3/4 cup sugar with vanilla
  • 125g butter
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 Tbs plain flour
  • 5 Tbs starch
  • 500ml heavy cream
  • 1 Tbs icing sugar
  • ground dark chocolate, as much as you like :)

Line the form with bakery paper, bottom and sides. It’ll be easier to take out the cake from the form later on.

Lay the biscuits on the bottom of the form.

Heat up dulce de leche till it gets liquid-like.
Pour it over the biscuit layer. Smoothen.
Cover the mass with the second layer of biscuits.
Leave aside.

Prepare the pudding :)

Boil 2 cups of milk with sugar and butter.
Leave aside.

Pour the rest of the milk in a separate bowl.
Add eggs and whisk it all.
Add sieved flours and mix the mass till all incorporated.

Pour the egg mass to the hot milk and start heating it up on medium-heat, stirring the mass constantly and energetically.
Puddings like getting burnt so be careful and observe the bottom of the pot.
Heat it up and stir till the mass gets thick, sticky and pudding-like :)
Let it boil for a second and take it off the heat.

Pour the hot pudding over the biscuit layer. Smoothen.
Cover with the third layer of biscuits.
Leave in room temperature for some time.
Then put it in the fridge and leave overnight.

Next day, whip the cream adding icing sugar at the end of whipping.
Lay it on the biscuits. Smoothen and sprinkle with ground chocolate.






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