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I’ve just realised there is no Classic Tiramisu recipe on Sarenka… What the…
Need to change it, right now!

My Tiramisu is really soaked… And when I’m saying soaked, I really mean it :) That’s the way we like cakes and desserts here in my family :) The cake should be soft, wet and mouth-watering. And that’s how this Tiramisu is :)
I made the cream without adding whipped egg whites. That is why, it was a bit more dense in its consistency. If you want it to be even more creamy and delicate, just add the whipped whites… and that’s all :)

The pictures may look a bit chaotic. It’s because they were taken in a hurry… Tiramisu started disappearing faster than I expected :)

To me, a perfect choice for Father’s Day :)

Ingredients (form – 24cm):

  • 1 cup instant coffee (I poured 6 tsp with boiled water) -> leave for chilling
  • 80ml + 20ml amaretto
  • about 30-35 ladyfingers biscuits
  • 4 yolks
  • about 1/3 cup baking sugar (75g)
  • 500g mascarpone
  • 2 egg whites (optional)
  • cocoa for sprinkling

Line the form with a bakery paper.

Combine cooled coffee with 80ml of amaretto.

Soak ladyfingers in coffee/alcohol mixture.
They should be well-soaked but not oversoaked :)
Place them on the bottom of the form.

Start whipping the yolks, adding sugar after a moment. This whipping thing can take some time… so just be patient. The important thing is to get quite dense and thick yolk mass. If it’s too loose after long whipping, the cream may turn out to be a failure.

Once it’s whipped, add mascarpone to it and mix for a second.
Then add the rest of the liqueur and mix again. Only till everything is combined.

In a separate bowl whip the white till it’s thick and subtly stir in the cream.

Put half of the cream onto the biscuits.
Sprinkle with sieved cocoa.

Repeat the whole process, so place another layer of soaked biscuits. Put the rest of the cream on them, smooth it and sprinkle with sieved cocoa again.

You can cover the form with aluminium foil.
Chill in the fridge for several hours or preferably the whole night.




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