PeanutButter MiniCheesecakes

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It’s been a week or more now since I started eating peanut butter regularly. By saying regularly I mean… everyday ;)
Sometimes I’m trying to pretend that it’s only an addition to some wafers… But sometimes this pretending is pointless – I just eat it straight from the jar… My jeans started protesting.

Because of my new eating habit, I realised I forgot to post one of the recipes based on peanut butter.
I’m doing it right now… getting down to some new recipes :)

Ingredients(gives about 10 little cakes):

  • 100g biscuits
  • 50g peanut butter
  • 500g cream cheese
  • 140g baking brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 180g peanut butter
  • 45ml heavy cream(I used 33%)
  • a few drops of vanilla aroma
  • 1 tsp starch

Place the cups in the muffin pan.

Blend the biscuits to get almost sand consistency.
Add peanut butter and blend again till combined.

Bottom the paper cups with the biscuit mass – 1 tablespoon of mass for one cups.

When it comes to cheese mass…
Mix all the ingredients.
It’s good to mix shortly after each adding.
But not too long, only till the ingredients are more or less combined.

Pour the cheese mass onto the biscuit bottoms.

Bake at 160°C for about 30 minutes.
Once it’s baked, leave for some time in the oven and chill ajar.

Then put them in the fridge for cooling.


  • 85g dark chocolate
  • 50ml heavy cream
  • 10g butter

Chop the chocolate into smaller pieces.

Heat up butter with heavy cream.
Do not boil it!

Add chopped chocolate and leave it for a moment.
Then stir the mass until it’s shiny and smooth :)

Pour onto the chilled MiniCheesecakes :)

Decorate the way you wish :)


From Moje Wypieki.

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