Kinder Bueno Ice-Cream

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What kind of recipe can you expect when I’m not here for such a long time, huh?
What kind of recipe can you expect when it’s so warm during these summer days, huh?
What kind of recipe can you expect when a person posting is so deeply and hopelessly addicted, huh?

Hello, Ice-Cream for you!

The main idea was to make something that would taste exactly the way shop ice-cream tastes… So that when you walk around the city and you see Kinder Bueno Ice-cream, you think “need to buy it, definitely not something I can make at home”.
Well… wroooong :)
Can be done and what is more, tastes amazing!

Just a small warning… it’s got thousands of calories, no joke ;)
Oh well :)

For children… these small and big ones :)

Ingredients (for about 800ml ice-cream):

  • 250g kinder chocolate
  • 150ml milk
  • 1 Tbs sugar
  • 3 yolks
  • 200ml heavy cream (33%)

Melt kinder chocolate in water bath.

Heat up milk with sugar until sugar is dissolved. Do not boil :)

Whisk yolks.
Add a bit of warm milk and stir it a bit.
As I call it, warm the eggs up a bit ;P

Add whisked yolks to warm milk mixture still stiring it and keeping it on low-heat.
It’ll take a moment or two :)

Once the mass gets gluey and sticky and really thick, take it off the heat. Do not boil it!!!

Add melted chocolate and stir it all till combined.

Leave for the whole night in the fridge.

Next day – add heavy cream and stir it in and theeeeen:

1 – Start mixing it every one or two hours, putting the mass in the freezer after each mixing.
When the mass gets so thick that it will be impossible to mix it, add chopped prunes and leave it in the freezer :)

2 – Use the Ice-Cream Maker to mix the mass. At the end of mixing, add drunk prunes and leave in the freezer :)


Inspiration from Kuchenne Szaleństwa.

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