Chocolate Salami

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It’s decided!
We’re changing Sarenka’s profile!
Butcher-like it will be ;)
That would be something, right?

While looking through some recipes on Moje Wypieki, I found information about Dorota’s favourite blog… It made me really curious… That kind of recommendation speaks for itself. I had to check on it!
It turned out that ChilliBite is a really yummy blog.
And the idea of making Chocolate Salami appealed to me the moment I saw it :)
What is more, only after some time did I get to know that this bar is also one of the traditional desserts of Portugal! Isn’t it nice? You know my adoration for this language :)

Well, a real piece of chocolate meat for you :)
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Sweet and Crispy Sunflower Seeds

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It was supposed to be just an element of one of the recipes. Just an element…
It turned out it was so delicious and so addictive that it seriously deserved its own place on Sarenka :)

I’ll be coming back to this recipe every now and then while making other cakes, biscuits or desserts… of course if I manage to refrain myself from eating it straight from the oven! :)

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I just love it! I just love it!
I know that it is something I usually say about oat/seed/wholemeal bakery but… Flapjack has become one of my favourites. So serious I am.
I’ve made it three times so far and… up to now, I didn’t manage to take any pictures of it! It all disappeared so quickly! Hmmm… that probably proves how I like it :)
Flapjack has a tendency not to keep a solid form of a biscuit, yes, that’s true. But it’s a typical characteristic of it, I guess :)
When it comes to mixing dried fruit, feel free to use your favourites. Whatever floats your boat :)
Hmm… let me think… I guess I’ve forgotten something… hmmm
Ah, yes!
To the kichen! Check it out! :)
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Energy Bars

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Are you in need of rehab?
Do you tend to snack quite often choosing sweets and chocolates mostly?
These Bars will be a nice solution for you :)
Such a simple substitute they are! No-sweet, crispy and very tasty. And above all, they can help you to get rid of this little hunger :)
At first, I wanted to make them as no-bake bars (like in the original recipe) but it turned out they were not solid at all… So a quick decision to finally bake them and… bingo :)
Still, I think I’ll have another attempt to make a no-bake version of them in the nearest future :)
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Chocolate Square

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Takes only a quarter to prepare it plus one night of waiting in the fridge (it’s awful, I know ;P) and it’s ready!
If you need sugar desperately, you really have to make it!

I saw dozens of versions of this square. This is one is sooo ours, home-made and I think (subjectively so) the best of all! Need a proof? Half of it disappeared in only 15 minutes! Well, let’s face it – Chocolate Square is highly addictive. Eat a piece and you’ll immediately crave for more… Sooo a small helping can’t do any bad ;P

To finish, buy milk powder of a good quality and make it… It’s a must! :)
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