Double Cinnamon Meringue

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Long time not done.
I’ve made a really really delicious something recently. I hope to post it soon :) But in the meantime, because of this something, I had some whites to experiment with :)
I chose this meringue and… I have to tell you, it was SO SWEET! And to tell you something more, sometimes no sweet limit is a good decision :)

The best thing is that I’ve got some spare whites again… So what kind of meringue should I make next time? :)
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Chocolate Poppyseed Cake

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Remember when I was saying I was not a poppyseed fan? Well, not much has changed…
Why am I adding a recipe of a cake which is one big poppyseed? Why am I adding such a recipe then?
Gosh, how to find any logic in it? Let’s say, it seems to me that even people who are not fond of that kind of cakes will be appealed to this particular one! How come? No idea! But I’m the best example here :)
The cake is heavy, wet and you don’t need much of it to feel full :)
Therefore, if you are a person trying to experiment with poppyseed or you’re trying to “force” yourself to like poppyseed cakes, really really really check this recipe out. It may turn out to be a good decision :)

And about poppyseed itself. I’ve used… ground poppyseed for the first time in my life and in my baking… And not for the last time for sure :) I know, I know, traditionalists will kill me but it is so so convenient. With no disastrous effect on the taste :) I do recommend, I do:)
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Last Minute Gingerbread

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Gingerbread topic is still on…

Taking pictures while the cake is almost out… Priceless ;)
But you know, what can I do if the cake disappears so quickly?
After all, it’s a good sign, isn’t it? :)

Just because of a lot of crazy things going on, I missed out the moment of preparing Traditional Gingerbread… I thought “oh well, this year has been different so Christmas will be different too”. Several days before this special time I got (yet another :)) cookery book, namely Ania Starmach’s Delicious. For all occassions. While looking through the first pages, Last Minute Gingerbread recipe hit me! It was a sign ;) Thanks to the gift, Christmas tradition was held :)
When it comes to taste, it can compete with the best gingerbreads you can imagine… even though it does not require weeks of waiting :)

A really good recipe.
For all Mr and Mrs Forgetfuls :)
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Grasshopper Pie

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If I had known this cake was so easy to be made!
I think what is the most time-consuming about this cake is laying the form with the biscuits ;)
Well, this won’t be a secret if I tell you I changed the original recipe… The thing is, I had to, I really had to… There were some extra products on the shelves waiting to be used ;P You know, priority thing ;P What is interesting is that adding amaretti biscuits gave a completely unexpected combination of flavours – a really good combination, that is :) To tell you, now it’s difficult to imagine this cake could taste in a different way!

If you ask yourself why Grasshopper..? Well, interesting thing again. Apparently, long time ago Filipino cuisine was known for adding real insects to this cake! Total craziness, one may say! But… I think I would be willing to have a go… or have a bite, to be more precise ;P

Below you’ll find the recipe the way I found it.
My alterations are given in the brackets.

Oh, no baking! Isn’t it great? :)
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Coconut Square

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I’m not saying it’s Rafaello… I’m not saying it on purpose because… it’s not :)
It’s just a Coconut Square :)
Very easy to make. Express too. Just this cooling time… Waiting waiting… Oh well… :)

And and and, here I am to declare that this cake is not entirely mine! Since I’m working that much, someone had to stay at home and finish what I’d started :) Sooo, me to work, Mum to mixing :) When I got back, the cake had already been in the fridge, cooling. Yes, you can be jealous now :)
I think I could get used to it… ;)
The recipe is from somewhere (or nowhere). The moment I gain some more information, I’ll let you know :)
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Mini-Tarts with Advocaat Cream

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Yes, if you check carefully, you can already find quite similar mini-tarts on Sarenka, here here :)
This time just a bit of a change when it comes to the cream.
I added advocaat… Well, I added it because it’s getting really cold here and liqueur can warm you up a bit ;) Aaand, thanks to the alcohol my mini-tarts are not that bland, tastewise :)
Why black currant jam? As usual, to break the sweetness. I’m not fond of really sweet sweets :)

PS. As you can see, the weather is not photo-friendly… But do believe me, I did my best. I hope my mini-tarts look at least a bit edible :)
Because they are!

December, be good to me :)
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Gooseberry Cake

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How I couldn’t stand this cake when I was a little girl! Yuck yuck!
This gooseberry mass was unacceptable for me… And it was so so so sour! How could you serve such a sour cake to a little girl who loved sweet things so much, huh? :) Seems Mum was making this cake only for herself, ha! truth revealed! :))

Well, Mum was so in love with Gooseberry Cake that she suggested baking it again… You can only imagine how happy I was :) So she was the one persuading me all the time… till my little heart broke down ;)
For me it’s a Sentiment Cake… Taste of My Childhood…
And one thing is sure, our taste changes with us… My appreciation for sour cakes began not so long ago. That is why, only now I can appreciate this cake too. Now I understand :)

I truly don’t know where Mum took this recipe from. She’s got like thousands of them :)
But hey, good she had it, right? :)
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Banana Bread

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A lot of working recently. That’s good.
Less time for baking. That’s really bad.
That is why now I can really appreciate these moments when I can unwind spending my time in the kitchen, mixing, cutting, stirring… and of course, tasting!

Browsing through some baking websites, I found several cakes looking so interesting (taste-wise, obviously) that I had to spend some time thinking which one to choose… Well, after a long fight with me, myself and I, the decision was made – I’d make something else ;)
This something else is a cake. I mean, bread… I mean, a cake… Hmmm, that’s the thing – hard to say if that’s more like a cake or bread :) Let’s assume for a moment it’s bread. Well, that’s a sweet one, perfect for coffee. Now, one can say it’s definitely a cake. Really? Everyone who saw it said it was bread, bread for sure! :)
I chose to call it bread as… it’s my Sarenka and well, I can call it the way I want ;)
I’m not a big fan of banana baking therefore it came as a huge surprise that I liked it so much! My taste, absolutely. Banana Bread is quite heavy and wet in its texture. Yes, my taste :)
I found it on Asia’s blog and introduced tiny (really really tiny) alterations :)
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Yeast Cupcakes

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Oh my, oh my. My fingers just got so itchy to bake :)
Something with yeast, yes yes.
I got a bit jealous, too :) Girls from other blogs were making buns, rolls, bread, croissants… Gosh, and what about me? :)
Straight to the kitchen, quick kneading, quick crumble making… and finally this beautiful smell of a yeast cake all around… To tell you, it’s something that can’t be described… For me, it’s just the smell of cosiness, home and love.
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Sunflower Cake

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Another gut bomb! So so many calories!
It’s possible that I’m chosing this kind of cakes in particular for one good reason – I’m really trying to put on weight a bit… Where are my lost kilograms? Need to find them :) So maybe… it’s about some subconcious choices? No idea ;)

The cake itself is like a big wow! Especially this sunflower cream… Mhmm… Let them say it’s like 8000 calories… The taste makes up for everything! Even these silly calories seem more friendly ;)
To tell you, after making Cuckoo Cake, I was sure it would be double difficult to find a cake that would be equally good… Seems I was lucky :)
Of course, that’s a different category of a yummy but both are highly addictive :)

So so, Sunflower Cake is quite sweet, yet not too sweet. Additionally, I would say you may feel quite full after eating one piece of it… All in all, this cake is a sweet crime :)

Not sure what your way of measuring deliciousness is but for me it was pure pleasure to see my mum having a bite, rolling her eyes and… mhmmmmmm-ing :)

And I almost forgot… To all my teacher friends, do not lose this passion that’s in you. Love your students and you’ll see how much they can offer in return :)
Warm hugs and have a nice celebration :)
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