Cappuccino Roll

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They say incredible things happen during Christmas Time… Well, turns out Easter can bring incredible things too… okay, maybe a bit less incredible (alright, way less incredible :P) but still! They’re happening! How else would you call another recipe posted on Sarenka after… oh my, nine months (!)

Coming back here is sure. What is unsure is time when it will happen ;)

As for now, roll cake with loads of cappuccino cream. The sponge you already know. Cream comes from Cappuccino Square. Altogether – really pleasant and light yumminess :)
If you are a fan of cream cakes, this one is for you :)
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Black Forest Cake

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And that’s the other birthday cake I was telling you about.
Cooompletely different from Royal. Completely.
Last time I mentioned that Royal was more in a mannish style, remember? Well, Black Forest Cake is like a very elegant woman :) Light, refreshing and so representative :)
On Moje Wypieki you’ll find the original recipe. Here I’m presenting Black Forest Cake on a traditional sponge (the one with chocolate didn’t convince me :)) I decided to change the cream a bit too. Whipping cream was not enough since the cake had to travel from one place to another. That is why, I added a bit of mascarpone to the mass to make it thicker :)
Oh, and do not be too economical when it comes to using the soaking. You can add more than it’s suggested in the recipe ;)
Although my decorative skills leave a lot to be desired, Black Forest still looks elegant and… a bit dignified ;)
If you’re worried that men won’t like it much, drop this thinking. My dad loves it!
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Peanut Butter Cream Cake with Bananas

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I mentioned some time ago I’d been collecting loads of recipes.
The thing is, some of them have to wait really really long till I try them out. However, there are recipes which I fall in love with the moment I see them. They just hit me. All of a sudden I’ve got all necessary ingredients handy… I really don’t know how it works… but it’s not the first time it has happened :)
Dorota’s cake looked so fabulously representative that I couldn’t resist making it :) That’s the kind of a cake I just adore, the cream speaks for itself. I had to make it :)
Hmm, any suggestions?
Yes, do not try to avoid the jam in the recipe. It’s really crucial.
When it comes to using bananas… I’m not that sure if they’re a must. But they’re a nice surprise for eaters, for sure :)
The cake is quite big and satisfying… One piece will make you feel full :)

And last but not least, something that is rather obvious… just… it crossed my mind… It is really the best feeling ever when you bake something and then you see someone tucking it in with such a smile on their faces :) Such an amazing feeling, really. Cannot be described :)
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Gooseberry Cake

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How I couldn’t stand this cake when I was a little girl! Yuck yuck!
This gooseberry mass was unacceptable for me… And it was so so so sour! How could you serve such a sour cake to a little girl who loved sweet things so much, huh? :) Seems Mum was making this cake only for herself, ha! truth revealed! :))

Well, Mum was so in love with Gooseberry Cake that she suggested baking it again… You can only imagine how happy I was :) So she was the one persuading me all the time… till my little heart broke down ;)
For me it’s a Sentiment Cake… Taste of My Childhood…
And one thing is sure, our taste changes with us… My appreciation for sour cakes began not so long ago. That is why, only now I can appreciate this cake too. Now I understand :)

I truly don’t know where Mum took this recipe from. She’s got like thousands of them :)
But hey, good she had it, right? :)
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Sunflower Cake

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Another gut bomb! So so many calories!
It’s possible that I’m chosing this kind of cakes in particular for one good reason – I’m really trying to put on weight a bit… Where are my lost kilograms? Need to find them :) So maybe… it’s about some subconcious choices? No idea ;)

The cake itself is like a big wow! Especially this sunflower cream… Mhmm… Let them say it’s like 8000 calories… The taste makes up for everything! Even these silly calories seem more friendly ;)
To tell you, after making Cuckoo Cake, I was sure it would be double difficult to find a cake that would be equally good… Seems I was lucky :)
Of course, that’s a different category of a yummy but both are highly addictive :)

So so, Sunflower Cake is quite sweet, yet not too sweet. Additionally, I would say you may feel quite full after eating one piece of it… All in all, this cake is a sweet crime :)

Not sure what your way of measuring deliciousness is but for me it was pure pleasure to see my mum having a bite, rolling her eyes and… mhmmmmmm-ing :)

And I almost forgot… To all my teacher friends, do not lose this passion that’s in you. Love your students and you’ll see how much they can offer in return :)
Warm hugs and have a nice celebration :)
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Chocolate Birthday Cake with Cherry Jam

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I adore birthday cakes, all of them… Well, maybe these chocolatey-chocolate ones a bit more :)

This one was supposed to be served with plum stew… but while preparing the cake, it turned out that there were dozens of jars of jam and confiture, just no plum one :P
I ended up with cherry jam as an alternative… Good choice :)

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Cherry Jam is wet wet wet :) And soaked too. Surprisingly, not heavy.
It’s not too sweet, either… For me, it’s a huge advantage of a cake :)
What is more, when we think about preparing birthday cakes, we think “Oh, Jesus, it is so time-consuming”… Well, this one, comparing to others, is relatively quick to be made. And not that complicated :)
Oh, and one more thing, it looks really really presentable :)

It’s not the last time I made it. Maybe next time with these unfortunate plums..? :)
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Black Currant Cake

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And that is the second cake I mentioned last time :)
Sweet but sour, sour but sweet :)
That’s the combination I like a lot :)

I decided to make this cake from half of the portion given in the original recipe. And still, it is quite big!
Now I’m thinking… who would eat the whole portion of it?! Wait… No no, on second thoughts, it wouldn’t be a problem at all ;P

The cake itself is rather wet and not very fluffly, that is why it doesn’t need any soaking, in my humble opinion :) Two kinds of cream make it as light as a feather :) Additionally, this pleasant acidity from black currant jam… Mhmm… Delicious :)

Here you can find the proportions of the ingredients for a really big cake :)
Mine was halved :)
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Passion Fruit Roll

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Passion Fruit Curd was waiting in the fridge. I was just wondering what to do with it :) Eventually, it was decided – rolling again!
Last roll was so delicious that I decided to experiment with a more exotic version of it.
Effects? Subtle and fluffy cake with this slight passion fruit taste – baking bingo, so to speak :))
Unfortunately, there is one huge drawback – one slice is not enough to satisfy your bellies ;P Seconds guaranteed :)
Just remember that talking about passion fruit, we have to bear in mind these little (for some, annoying) seeds that can be found in the cream. Oh well, a matter of getting used to it, believe me :)
Sponge cake that I used in this roll is the one that you already know, just made from a bigger number of eggs (though I think making from a portion – 4 eggs + 4Tbs of sugar + 4 Tbs of flour – would be a good idea too).
Check it out, it’s a must!
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Milky Roll

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It was a matter of time… :)
Since I saw this roll on Lady Laura’s blog, I knew I would make it myself. There was no other option :)
Obviously, like with all new cakes that I decide to make, this time I had my worries too – it was my first roll ever! That is why, I think you should have seen me rolling the sponge… or I should rather say, trying to roll the sponge ;P Thanks God, there are more decisive people at home ;P
When it comes to the cake itself – flawless. The sponge is the same I used in making Drunkard and Wuzetka. No problems with rolling it. At all. And the cream… Mhmm… Milky pleasure at its best :))
All in all, to-be-repeated :)
Laura – ┬ímuchas gracias ;D
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Drunkard Cake

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Cake resembling childhood (alcohol lover for quite some time, huh? ;P)
Cake I’ve always liked a lot.
Cake you should make at least once in your life :)

Let’s face it – this cake is not dedicated for everyone. The main thing here is soaking soaking soaking ;D There can be no Drunkard Cake without really decent soaking. And please, for God’s sake, don’t be too careful with using alcohol :) It has to be wet, it has to be alcoholic, it has to be sharp in taste :) The worst thing you can do about this cake is making it bland.
Sponge cakes can be prepared even two days before serving. The next day you can put the cake together so that during the night the flavours can mix altogether in the fridge.
Oh, and if someone tells me that the cream is “a bit ready-made – noooo good”, then I recommend to try it first. There is a huge chance you’ll change your mind :)

Risky statement but… I adore Drunkard ;D
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