Nutella Cheesecake

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All went wrong, all went wrong… And in the end, this “all” turned out to be prefectly right :)

This cheesecake was a total rebel from the very beginning. No matter what I did, it was somehow telling me “Bake bake, I’ll still turn out to be a mistake”.
Sooo, it collapsed, cracked, glazing died… Shall I continue? :)
There was a moment it really tried to be the meanest cake of all… Burdened with a baking curse or what? ;)

Well, here I am to declare – it may be one of the ugliest cheesecakes on Sarenka but… one of the most delicious too! I couldn’t be more serious.
Have a bite and your taste buds will encounter the flavour of hazelnuts at first… just to turn to this creamy nutella cheesiness in a second… Yummy, just yummy!

As I mentioned before, chocolate glaze died… that’s why here it is for you, the sauté version :)
Simplicity is the answer to everything, as usual :)
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Cheese Brownies with Raspberries

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Oh, I was supposed to make this brownies long long time ago… Actually, last year :)
But as they say, happens :)
This year I couldn’t say no to it…

I just love all cheesecakes, I just love all brownies, I just love… all raspberries ;)
Flawless combination it is.

PS. This recipe is taken from Moje Wypieki but having read some of the comments and suggestions, I decided to introduce small aterations :)

PS2. While writing these words, brownies is still in the oven… And do believe me, the smell is way-out! Oh my!
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Mint Cheesecake

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The relationship of mint and chocolate is something I’m totally NOT fond of… To cut the story short, I usually try to avoid that kind of combination. But. Ha, there is always a but :)
Seems that it’s all about time we need to understand some things ;)
I made this cake just of out curiosity because it was so hard for me to imagine that some mint leaves can make such a difference in the taste of the cake… I just couldn’t believe in all these oohs and achs over “the mintness” of the cheesecake. I thought it was a clear exaggeration and… Oh my, I was soooo wrong!
To my surprise, it is refreshing and cooling. These two words describe the cake in the best possible way.
Mint chimes with the milk-chocolate glazing as well as with the chocolate bottom.
Additionally, when it comes to this cheesecake, apart from the taste, you can also appreciate the beauty of it :) It’s so greeeeeeeeeenish :) Well, my version is more pastelmint but it’s only because I used less mint that the original recipe suggests :) And still, you can see some greenish shadows ;)

So, for those who are in love with mint… and for those who are not, too ;)
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Cheesecake with hazelnuts

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As far as I remember, this was the second cheesecake I’d ever made. And from the very beginning I was lucky to choose one of the best cheesecake recipes : )
The cake is heavy and wet with a subtle taste of hazelnut flavour (in fact, during the first making of the cake, the taste was subtle… while preparing it for the second time, I decided not be that stingy when it came to adding alcohol ;P)
Not sure how it works for you but these are my flavours – nuts, chocolate, liqueur and… cheese : )
Oh, and even The Firm Defender of Traditional Cheesecakes tucked in, which really made me happy : )
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Advocaat Cheesecake

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Holy Sh..eese! It’s sooo yummy!
An amazing cheesecake which definitely deserves to be placed in my personal Top 3 Cheesecake Contest.
From what I’ve noticed, a lot of people claim that the taste of alcohol in the cake is way too heavy… I would say it’s just fine. You can feel it, that’s for sure but if it’s too much… naaah ;D The liqueur gives a nice flavour to the cake but it doesn’t kill its “cheeseness” : )
It is quite heavy and wet comparing to other cheesecakes so those in favour of tradition may not love it.
Still, the facts speak for themselves – the cake needed only one Sunday evening to disappear : )
Good that I found it at Moje Wypieki and checked it out because now it’s one of my favourites : )
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