Kinder Bueno Ice-Cream

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What kind of recipe can you expect when I’m not here for such a long time, huh?
What kind of recipe can you expect when it’s so warm during these summer days, huh?
What kind of recipe can you expect when a person posting is so deeply and hopelessly addicted, huh?

Hello, Ice-Cream for you!

The main idea was to make something that would taste exactly the way shop ice-cream tastes… So that when you walk around the city and you see Kinder Bueno Ice-cream, you think “need to buy it, definitely not something I can make at home”.
Well… wroooong :)
Can be done and what is more, tastes amazing!

Just a small warning… it’s got thousands of calories, no joke ;)
Oh well :)

For children… these small and big ones :)
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Chocolate Ice-Cream with Prunes

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I was supposed to post it yesterday to welcome The First Day of Spring… but… yes, as usual “a but” :) Since Spring decided to come a bit late, I decided to follow its example :)

I spotted this flavour in one of our cafes and thought it would be nice to try to make it at home… Nothing new, right? :)
As a base I used checked, tasty, sure, tried and trusted Chocolate Ice-Cream from Moje Wypieki.

Here it is, especially for you – My Sweet Addiction :)
May Spring be with you!
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Lemon Ice-Cream

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It’s me :)

Being a bit lost among new duties and passions, I decided to find a moment and stop by :)
Don’t you think it’s better to concentrate on one or two things and do them correctly instead of trying to put everything together and in the end failing at it? Well, so do I. That is why, I was absent for a (longer) moment :)

This recipe is… a piece of cake. I mean, it is not. But that easy, yes :)
For those who are a bit lazy. For those who adore really refreshing tastes.
This ice-cream helped me to survive this year’s heat. Definitely.
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Coffee Ice-Cream with Whisky

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The moment I read through the recipe, I knew this taste would be outstanding. I just didn’t realise this ice-cream would jump into my Top3!
So very coffee. So very whisky. Impossible to resist.
One of these recipes I would be coming back to in the future…
Once you’ve tried it, you’re lost ;)
If you want to search for the original recipe, it can be found on Raz a dobrze. Such a yummy blog!
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Raspberry Sorbet

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Loads of raspberries!

I have never made any sorbet thinking that it was just a worse version of real creamy creamy ice-cream… Well, wrong.
It is so refreshing, acidic and so so so cooling :)
Tastes best straight from the box :)

PS. If I manage to steal some more raspberries from my grandparents’ garden, I’ll announce a sorbet battle! Oh yes! :)
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RedCurrant Ice-Cream

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Such a long break!
I should be ashamed of myself… but I’m not ;P because I’ve just come back from the most wonderful holidays ever! :)))

I have to admit I feel a bit strange posting on Sarenka again… Well, need to put myself together, I think :)

There is this craze about red and black currant now… Especially on Dorota’s blog… The decision was quite easy – their craze – currant, my personal craze – ice-cream… Then RedCurrant Ice-Cream! :)

It’s flawless… Sour, really sour… You can feel this currant-acid pinching your tongue! So nice!
I’ll have to try out BlackCurrant version too, oh yes :)
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