Last Minute Gingerbread

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Gingerbread topic is still on…

Taking pictures while the cake is almost out… Priceless ;)
But you know, what can I do if the cake disappears so quickly?
After all, it’s a good sign, isn’t it? :)

Just because of a lot of crazy things going on, I missed out the moment of preparing Traditional Gingerbread… I thought “oh well, this year has been different so Christmas will be different too”. Several days before this special time I got (yet another :)) cookery book, namely Ania Starmach’s Delicious. For all occassions. While looking through the first pages, Last Minute Gingerbread recipe hit me! It was a sign ;) Thanks to the gift, Christmas tradition was held :)
When it comes to taste, it can compete with the best gingerbreads you can imagine… even though it does not require weeks of waiting :)

A really good recipe.
For all Mr and Mrs Forgetfuls :)
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I’ve seen loads of positive opinions about these gingerbreads… therefore, I decided to make them too :)
At first, I was sure I failed. They were way too hard. Little stones, so to speak :) But then, two days passed and, miracle! Soft and yummy :)

You know, it’s quite late here now… I’m writing this recipe listening to our local radio. My room is so little and it’s all filled with light coming from my little Christmas tree… Little room, little Christmas tree. Really cosy :) Hot tea on my one side and… Lebkuchen on the other :) Peaceful.
I cannot stand frosting on cookies. I cannot imagine Lebkuchen without frosting. Illogical one may say… Christmas, I say :)

I may be saying that Christmas is not my favourite time of the year but then, here comes an evening like today and… I’m left with no words… With all this laziness, freezing temperatures, even with this frosting… it’s good :) It is good.
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Traditional Polish Gingerbread

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Obviously, everyone knows this recipe… and you’ve been baking this gingerbread for years… Yes, it’s only me being that late ;P

That’s my next first time on Sarenka :)
First gingerbread in my life! Last year I remember making some last minute gingerbread cookies but… it wasn’t anything special :) I decided not to give up on them and prepare something more classic ;D What’s more, dough that has to wait more than 5 weeks to be made? Hell, it sounded so unbelievable! :)
So the only thing I could do was to… bake it :)
It waited patiently in the fridge for weeks, then decided to be troublesome while rolling it, then finally baking… And… Masterpiece! Melting in the mouth! De-li-cious :)
Next time I’ll add some more plum jam or make my own version of it. Gingerbread will be even better… if it’s possible :)

Finally some Christmas post, you may say :)
Directly from Moje Wypieki… Gingerbread :)

All the best!
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