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Nope, I didn’t disappear.
I still bake. No way I’ll stop :)
Recently, it’s been more about baking cakes for my family and friends. Mostly birthday cakes :) And you know how it is with birthday cakes… You make them. You can’t taste them. You can’t slice them. They’re just made and off they go :)
Nevertheless, I’ll try to post some recipes. The cakes were too good not to share them with you :)

Royal was prepared for my Grandma’s 80th birthday and I think it was a perfect choice. The cake is very interesting in taste… a bit luxurious, I would say :) It looks quite elegant as well. To be honest, Royal is more likely to win the hearts of men since it is rather heavy and wet. I don’t know how to explain it but there is something mannish about this cake… ;)
And bear in mind that if someone is not fond of peanut butter, they won’t like this cake. Even though there is only one thin layer of peanut butter cream, its taste can be really distinguished. Well, for such a peanut butter fan as I am it’s a perfect match :)

Last weeks were about Royal Baby.
So this post can be about Royal Cake, right? ;P
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Passion Fruit Meringue

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One of the biggest meringues I’ve ever made!
Happens :)

To me, it is a bit too sweet. But again it turned out that as many people as many tastes. My personal testers said that for meringue standards, this one… is not that sweet, in fact :)
Well, the only way to check is baking it :)

The cream is outstanding… but that’s typical of passion fruit, I think :)
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Dacquoise with Dulce de Leche and Dates

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I’m here just to say that this meringue is better than the cinnamon one. Well, that’s the truth. If you’re thinking now which one to make, I’m telling you – this one. With all certainty. It’s way-out. Delicious in all possible meanings of this word. No joke. I’ve made it twice during this week and I plan to make it again – it says it all, I think :)
Big thank you to Dorota for this recipe. Big big thank you :)

Recently, I’ve managed to get some new testers of my baking, which makes me really happy :)
By the way, they ate this Dacquoise and they’re all alive. Till now ;P

And the meringue…
Very sweet, very good, very favourite :)
You should not forget this recipe. Trust me.
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Double Cinnamon Meringue

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Long time not done.
I’ve made a really really delicious something recently. I hope to post it soon :) But in the meantime, because of this something, I had some whites to experiment with :)
I chose this meringue and… I have to tell you, it was SO SWEET! And to tell you something more, sometimes no sweet limit is a good decision :)

The best thing is that I’ve got some spare whites again… So what kind of meringue should I make next time? :)
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Brown MiniMeringues

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Just stopped by to leave these little meringues here :)

There was a heavy storm in my town today… Oh, heavy it was :)
If you are curious how my Kalisz looks like after the storm, check it out here.

Well, the storm is over – time to bake something!
Whites left after making RedCurrant Ice-Cream couldn’t wait anymore… :)
Inspired by Kinga, I made them… Not too sweet, a bit coffee-like, a a bit caramel-like… Perfectly go with a cup coffee :)
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Chocolate Pavlova with ForestFruit Jelly

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Meringues are usually really really sweet. That is why, they’re not to everyone’s taste.
To mine, they are :)
Especially chocolate ones… additionally with a bits of chocolate inside :) The more chocolatey something is, the better :)

It is a good idea to break the sweetness of a meringue. Serving it with fruit like strawberries or raspberries is nothing new :)
This time – ForestFruit Jelly! I’ve made it for the first time and it turned out to be a bingo!
It all really matches :)
Try it out… my Cousin loved it :))
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Pavlova in a Coffee Bath :)

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I started loving meringue when it turned out it’s so fast to be made :)
Well, alright… Making it is fast, drying and chilling – that’s a different pair of shoes ;)

Six whites left after making Strawberry Ice-Cream… and all of a sudden I saw beautiful pistacho meringues at Kraina Sosny… I started digging his blog and finally I found Her Majesty’s, Pavlova :)
Impressive. I had to make it. Coffee sauce just tipped the scales :)
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Light Meringue Cake

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I just love the recipes from Moje Wypieki :)
I think I’ve never been disappointed with any of them!
I remember when Dorota, the owner of Moje Wypieki, announced she would have her own cooking book published. I knew I had to have it on my shelf, I just knew it. Someone may say that the recipes are basically the same as those that can be found online but… a book is a book :) You can hold it in your hands, feel how heavy it is, smell it (!) while turning the pages… Dirtying it while baking is only a matter of time, I’m sure of it… That’s the beauty of a book :)

This Meringue Cake is something I found in the mentioned book.
I’m calling it a meringue cake but the truth is, it has nothing to do with meringue! I mean, it’s made like one but the taste does not resemble meringue at all!
Mum said it tasted like poppy cake… For my aunt it was more like a fruitcake… Hmmm, maybe chocolate cake too? :)
I had already had a plan what to do with six yolks being left (this this you can make!).
Three things about this cake – light as a feather, delicious as… everything here :P and so easy to be done :)
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Chocolate Pavlova with Raspberries

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I need to post it now now now!
It’s not that meringues are my favourite. No, not at all. Especially a heap of cream is not something I am crazy about but… But! Chocolate Pavlova is just great! It won my taste buds right away!

Meringue is sweet because well… it’s a meringue ;P Raspberries give sourness -> Perfect Combination!
And as it is with Pavlova, cripsy outside, chewy inside and these pieces of chocolate… Just the way I like it :)
The recipe comes from the well-known Nigella.

And two more things:
1° Just do not beat the meringue for too long at the end of beating :)
2° That’s another possibility to use the whites after making yummy yummy apple pie :)
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