Chocolate Poppyseed Cake

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Remember when I was saying I was not a poppyseed fan? Well, not much has changed…
Why am I adding a recipe of a cake which is one big poppyseed? Why am I adding such a recipe then?
Gosh, how to find any logic in it? Let’s say, it seems to me that even people who are not fond of that kind of cakes will be appealed to this particular one! How come? No idea! But I’m the best example here :)
The cake is heavy, wet and you don’t need much of it to feel full :)
Therefore, if you are a person trying to experiment with poppyseed or you’re trying to “force” yourself to like poppyseed cakes, really really really check this recipe out. It may turn out to be a good decision :)

And about poppyseed itself. I’ve used… ground poppyseed for the first time in my life and in my baking… And not for the last time for sure :) I know, I know, traditionalists will kill me but it is so so convenient. With no disastrous effect on the taste :) I do recommend, I do:)
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I’ve seen loads of positive opinions about these gingerbreads… therefore, I decided to make them too :)
At first, I was sure I failed. They were way too hard. Little stones, so to speak :) But then, two days passed and, miracle! Soft and yummy :)

You know, it’s quite late here now… I’m writing this recipe listening to our local radio. My room is so little and it’s all filled with light coming from my little Christmas tree… Little room, little Christmas tree. Really cosy :) Hot tea on my one side and… Lebkuchen on the other :) Peaceful.
I cannot stand frosting on cookies. I cannot imagine Lebkuchen without frosting. Illogical one may say… Christmas, I say :)

I may be saying that Christmas is not my favourite time of the year but then, here comes an evening like today and… I’m left with no words… With all this laziness, freezing temperatures, even with this frosting… it’s good :) It is good.
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Apricot-Coconut Pralines

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Always confusing things… yes, it’s me… :)
This time, the same, exactly the same. Changing, modifying, creating… and to my surprise, they’re so good! :)
I promised to myself that apart from Prune Pralines I would check other praline recipes too :) And so I did!
If I were to say which one are better… hmm… difficult choice. As usual, you’ll have to check on both recipes, I think :)
That’s why… here they come :)
Not much to do, such fun from snacking ;P
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Prune Pralines with Rum

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Culinary Blog of 2013.
I had to check it, I just had to.
The moment I did… I got depressed. Seriously. When my eyes saw all this vegetarian stuff, I just started wondering where we were going with all this cooking and baking… Kind of sad it was for me to see that the world chose this new fashion over our beautiful tradition of cooking.
And… you know what? I was sooooooo wrong! I can’t recall being so wrong!
I checked one of the recipes and I was left speechless. That is why, I would like to send my apologies to the author of Jadłonomia. I hope you’ll meet less judgemental people on your culinary way :)
These pralines are flawless! I would have never thought you could make such food magic using only few ingredients, fooling one of the biggest chocolate-lovers, by the way ;)
If the rest of the recipes are equally good, I’ve got no further questions :)

It’s fast, it’s healthy, it’s so unphotogenic, yet delicious :)
With slight changes I have introduced :)

One more thing, is it possible to prepare it avoiding eating half of it straight from the bowl? :D
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Energy Bars

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Are you in need of rehab?
Do you tend to snack quite often choosing sweets and chocolates mostly?
These Bars will be a nice solution for you :)
Such a simple substitute they are! No-sweet, crispy and very tasty. And above all, they can help you to get rid of this little hunger :)
At first, I wanted to make them as no-bake bars (like in the original recipe) but it turned out they were not solid at all… So a quick decision to finally bake them and… bingo :)
Still, I think I’ll have another attempt to make a no-bake version of them in the nearest future :)
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Superfast Fitness-kies

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Amazing, simply amazing! I adore (and will adore) that kind of biscuits and if someone tells me to stop, they’ll get a kick ;)
The moment I noticed them on Kuchnia w wersji light, I knew I would make them! That’s a perfect alternative to the first version of Fitness-kies which won my heart (or stomach, for this matter ;P) straightaway.
Making them is much faster than making Fitness-kies I mentioned. The most important thing is that you don’t have to wait so long to eat them :) Mixing, sticking and baking, that’s all :)
For me – perfect :)
Oh, and you won’t feel bad about eating them – they’re pure health :)
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Granola with cashew and banana chips

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All good things come to an end… The same happened to my first granola :)
I’ve had an idea for a new granola for quite some time so when the time came, I decided to make another one. Of course, I won’t be recommending things that can be found in Sweet Fit because they’re so obviously good that they don’t need any special recommendations. Seeds, nuts, oats, dried fruit – simply perfect. As an extra, I can say that this granola is a bit more… refreshing. Good job orange juice! :)

So next weeks of eating straight from the jar are coming ;D
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My favourite snacks are back!
Adore it, adore it, adore it!
When it comes to Sweet Fit, I had my favourites at the beginning but now..? No way! It’s really impossible to say which are the most delicious! :)

I’ve known Florentynki for ages but only as a ready-made product which I could buy at the baker’s. They were yummy. But these home-made ones – sooo way better! I won’t be buying them anymore… unless a huge wave of laziness hits me one day ;P

Oh, and one more thing to say, the recipe is taken from Kinga Paruzel’s blog, where she warns against hot caramel. Me myself and I am warning you not to stay close to the pan while melting the sugar ;D Not to mention, checking the inside of the pan… unless you’re fond of explosions ;D
Just be careful :)

Exceptional they are :)
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Croissants with nut-chocolate filling

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How to put it..? I just cannot stand Marcińskie Croissants! (here you can find the recipe) And I know it’s all about this tradition of eating them on 11th November but… I strongly oppose, no no no!
I’m not sure why I don’t like them so much… Lately, I’ve noticed they’ve got this marzipan as on of the filling ingredients. Something I don’t like at all. So maybe that’s the reason..? Oh well, we can’t have everything, can we? :) Maybe one day I’ll find it in my heart to make and like them but as for the time being… bleee, nope :)

Yet, I let the tradition take its course and make croissants which were appealing more to my palate ;)
I experimented a bit with the filling and one thing for sure, I’ll experiment on it even more next time :)
Just a small warning, my croissants are far from being sweety sweety. So if you have a sweet tooth, add some more caster sugar (or use milk chocolate instead of a dark one)
Should be fine then :)

Oh, and one more thing – they look crippled, I know… So what ;D
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