Black Forest Cake

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And that’s the other birthday cake I was telling you about.
Cooompletely different from Royal. Completely.
Last time I mentioned that Royal was more in a mannish style, remember? Well, Black Forest Cake is like a very elegant woman :) Light, refreshing and so representative :)
On Moje Wypieki you’ll find the original recipe. Here I’m presenting Black Forest Cake on a traditional sponge (the one with chocolate didn’t convince me :)) I decided to change the cream a bit too. Whipping cream was not enough since the cake had to travel from one place to another. That is why, I added a bit of mascarpone to the mass to make it thicker :)
Oh, and do not be too economical when it comes to using the soaking. You can add more than it’s suggested in the recipe ;)
Although my decorative skills leave a lot to be desired, Black Forest still looks elegant and… a bit dignified ;)
If you’re worried that men won’t like it much, drop this thinking. My dad loves it!
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Nope, I didn’t disappear.
I still bake. No way I’ll stop :)
Recently, it’s been more about baking cakes for my family and friends. Mostly birthday cakes :) And you know how it is with birthday cakes… You make them. You can’t taste them. You can’t slice them. They’re just made and off they go :)
Nevertheless, I’ll try to post some recipes. The cakes were too good not to share them with you :)

Royal was prepared for my Grandma’s 80th birthday and I think it was a perfect choice. The cake is very interesting in taste… a bit luxurious, I would say :) It looks quite elegant as well. To be honest, Royal is more likely to win the hearts of men since it is rather heavy and wet. I don’t know how to explain it but there is something mannish about this cake… ;)
And bear in mind that if someone is not fond of peanut butter, they won’t like this cake. Even though there is only one thin layer of peanut butter cream, its taste can be really distinguished. Well, for such a peanut butter fan as I am it’s a perfect match :)

Last weeks were about Royal Baby.
So this post can be about Royal Cake, right? ;P
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Coconut Layer Cake with Black Currant

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How was your Easter?
You can’t move, right? ;)
Do not worry, it will soon pass ;)

I know I should be posting my diet juices now… just, I don’t feel like ;) So against all the unwritten rules, I’m offering you something sweety sweet :)
Think about all those people who suffered self-sacrifice during Lent time… They deserve some nice treat now, right? ;)

I found this cake here. I decided to change the jams, though, since I really don’t feel like eating strawberries now… Maybe I’m waiting for their season to come..? Probably yes :)
First time I made this cake, I couldn’t cut it, touch it or even take any pictures… Why so? The cake was not for me. It was for my friend who celebrated her birthday. And hey, she is recommending this cake too! Just so you know! :)
But coming back to what I was saying, that was my second attempt and this time all the procedures before tasting the cake took place ;)

The taste of coconut is prominent here. And it is the black currant jam that breaks it a bit. I wouldn’t be so sure about the raspberries that are suggested in the original recipe… Wouldn’t it be too sweet? No idea. Need to check it one day :)
If you want your sponge to be wetty wet, do not forget to leave coconut milk in the fridge overnight. You’ll get much more coconut water which is necessary for soaking.

So so so, I truly recommend this deliciousness, especially to those who are coconut lovers!
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Peanut Butter Cream Cake with Bananas

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I mentioned some time ago I’d been collecting loads of recipes.
The thing is, some of them have to wait really really long till I try them out. However, there are recipes which I fall in love with the moment I see them. They just hit me. All of a sudden I’ve got all necessary ingredients handy… I really don’t know how it works… but it’s not the first time it has happened :)
Dorota’s cake looked so fabulously representative that I couldn’t resist making it :) That’s the kind of a cake I just adore, the cream speaks for itself. I had to make it :)
Hmm, any suggestions?
Yes, do not try to avoid the jam in the recipe. It’s really crucial.
When it comes to using bananas… I’m not that sure if they’re a must. But they’re a nice surprise for eaters, for sure :)
The cake is quite big and satisfying… One piece will make you feel full :)

And last but not least, something that is rather obvious… just… it crossed my mind… It is really the best feeling ever when you bake something and then you see someone tucking it in with such a smile on their faces :) Such an amazing feeling, really. Cannot be described :)
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Poppyseed Cake with Coffee Cream

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A bit of stealing to make this cake.
You can find the sources at the end of the whole recipe :)

By the way, I’ve dreamt about birthday cakes at night… Beautiful, big, proportional, delicious and… all mine :)
Baking is a part of my soul now, so it seems… :)

I chose this cake because I was really curious of the combination of tastes (as usual :)).
Since ready-made ground poppyseed turned out to be really successful and comfortable to use, I thought I could use it again and experiment a bit with this cake :)
I realised it could be a bit risky too. From my observation, there are two kinds of people – those who adore poppyseed (as if they were addicted or something ;P), and those who can’t stand the taste of it… Hmm, nothing in between? :)
All in all, when it comes to baking, I try to follow “no risk, no fun” rule :)
When it comes to baking only… :)

Alright, coming back to the cake.
Thanks to poppyseed, it is really wet and heavy. I mean, sponge only. Because as surprising as it can be, the cream is light and creamy and defends itself quite nicely faced with heavy poppyseed!
Personally, I liked the combination of these tastes a lot! The cake is not too sweet and, that is why, it all works like a charm :)

Dorota’s suggestion was to combine poppyseed with oranges… Hmm… maybe I should make some orange curd and… :)

As for now, viva poppyssed, cherries and coffee!
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Cuckoo Cake

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There are cakes you just know you’ll bake… Like, you’re sure of it even before baking :)
The moment I saw this recipe, I already knew it would be on my must-bake list and, moreover, I knew it would be one of my favourites!
And to tell you, I was not wrong at all :)
It won’t be an exaggeration to place this cake among the most delicious ones on Sarenka!
(Of course there is still a lot to be added in the future, I hope) But for the time being, I will welcome Cuckoo Cake in my Top5… or even Top3 :)

Just to explain, the name of the cake comes from Polish sweets called Cuckoo Sweets. You can check on them here :)

The cream is sooo creamy, just the way it should. Especially when you try it straight from the fridge… If you add the taste of (a bit) drunk biscuits and my beloved brownies… Mhmm… Pure perfection for me :)

If you want the cream to be thicker, you’ll have to add a bit of gelatine to it.
I decided not to and… well, the cream got a bit slippy ;P But as you already know me, I would stand more for the taste than perfect look :)

So so so hurry up to the kitchen!
It’s really really worth making :)
Czytaj dalej

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Cherry Jam

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I adore birthday cakes, all of them… Well, maybe these chocolatey-chocolate ones a bit more :)

This one was supposed to be served with plum stew… but while preparing the cake, it turned out that there were dozens of jars of jam and confiture, just no plum one :P
I ended up with cherry jam as an alternative… Good choice :)

Chocolate Birthday Cake with Cherry Jam is wet wet wet :) And soaked too. Surprisingly, not heavy.
It’s not too sweet, either… For me, it’s a huge advantage of a cake :)
What is more, when we think about preparing birthday cakes, we think “Oh, Jesus, it is so time-consuming”… Well, this one, comparing to others, is relatively quick to be made. And not that complicated :)
Oh, and one more thing, it looks really really presentable :)

It’s not the last time I made it. Maybe next time with these unfortunate plums..? :)
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Black Currant Cake

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And that is the second cake I mentioned last time :)
Sweet but sour, sour but sweet :)
That’s the combination I like a lot :)

I decided to make this cake from half of the portion given in the original recipe. And still, it is quite big!
Now I’m thinking… who would eat the whole portion of it?! Wait… No no, on second thoughts, it wouldn’t be a problem at all ;P

The cake itself is rather wet and not very fluffly, that is why it doesn’t need any soaking, in my humble opinion :) Two kinds of cream make it as light as a feather :) Additionally, this pleasant acidity from black currant jam… Mhmm… Delicious :)

Here you can find the proportions of the ingredients for a really big cake :)
Mine was halved :)
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Light Meringue Cake

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I just love the recipes from Moje Wypieki :)
I think I’ve never been disappointed with any of them!
I remember when Dorota, the owner of Moje Wypieki, announced she would have her own cooking book published. I knew I had to have it on my shelf, I just knew it. Someone may say that the recipes are basically the same as those that can be found online but… a book is a book :) You can hold it in your hands, feel how heavy it is, smell it (!) while turning the pages… Dirtying it while baking is only a matter of time, I’m sure of it… That’s the beauty of a book :)

This Meringue Cake is something I found in the mentioned book.
I’m calling it a meringue cake but the truth is, it has nothing to do with meringue! I mean, it’s made like one but the taste does not resemble meringue at all!
Mum said it tasted like poppy cake… For my aunt it was more like a fruitcake… Hmmm, maybe chocolate cake too? :)
I had already had a plan what to do with six yolks being left (this this you can make!).
Three things about this cake – light as a feather, delicious as… everything here :P and so easy to be done :)
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The Birthday Cake – best!

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I guess I was waiting for this post from the very beginning, from the moment Sarenka was set up, from the moment I started baking “a bit more than usual” :)

Being a child, I remember looking forward to birthday celebration. It was always time spent with my family – my parents, my godparents – it was a-must to celebrate it together. Also the atmosphere of birthday was kind of special. On the one hand, really stressful and making us feel nervous. On the other hand, such pleasant time it was… Especially for such a little child :)
Presents. Obviously having birthday party was also about getting presents, yes. Still, I feel that in my case it was mostly connected with waiting for a birthday cake… THIS birthday cake :) The so-called Auntie Ann’s Birthday Cake :)
Auntie Ann is the author of this deliciousness. She has been baking since I remember… Always, I think :) Sometimes I’m trying to convince myself that I took after her and that’s why I’m baking now too… Maybe she handed down some skills, passion and… a bit of talent(?) to me? :) Let’s hope so :)
When it comes to this birthday cake, there is one way to describe it. I love cream/layer cakes. I’ve eaten a lot of them so far and each time I was tasting any cake I was saying “It’s good but it’s not the same as Auntie Ann’s” :) Let it be the best recommendation.
First time I decided to make it was a year ago and it turned out to be delicious. This year another attempt and… another success… Though I still think it’s not the same as Auntie’s ;P

One year passed for Sarenka :)
Another year passed for me ;P

Wishing myself no oven breaking, tasty baking… let it be my stepping-stone :)
And a big thank you for all of you who are here with me :)
Let’s hope for the next year together :)
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