Banana Bread

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A lot of working recently. That’s good.
Less time for baking. That’s really bad.
That is why now I can really appreciate these moments when I can unwind spending my time in the kitchen, mixing, cutting, stirring… and of course, tasting!

Browsing through some baking websites, I found several cakes looking so interesting (taste-wise, obviously) that I had to spend some time thinking which one to choose… Well, after a long fight with me, myself and I, the decision was made – I’d make something else ;)
This something else is a cake. I mean, bread… I mean, a cake… Hmmm, that’s the thing – hard to say if that’s more like a cake or bread :) Let’s assume for a moment it’s bread. Well, that’s a sweet one, perfect for coffee. Now, one can say it’s definitely a cake. Really? Everyone who saw it said it was bread, bread for sure! :)
I chose to call it bread as… it’s my Sarenka and well, I can call it the way I want ;)
I’m not a big fan of banana baking therefore it came as a huge surprise that I liked it so much! My taste, absolutely. Banana Bread is quite heavy and wet in its texture. Yes, my taste :)
I found it on Asia’s blog and introduced tiny (really really tiny) alterations :)
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Wholegrain Bread

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One of the best bread on Sarenka!
One of the best I’ve ever made!
I mean, one of the best… for me :) If you’re not fond of heavy bread with a lot of seeds inside, then you’ll have to search for something else. I have to admit that though the bread may seem quite heavy, the inside is rather fluffy and far from being solid!
As you may have noticed, I’ve been making yeast-based bread only… but this leaven-based ones… Hmmm… Still on my mind, still on my mind :)

As for now, try this one – especially those who CAN see the difference between the ready-made and home-made breadstuff :)

And one more thing, kind of important – if you’re sitting in your armchairs now, whining over your poor fitness motivation, blaming yourself for lack of consistency in exercising etc etc, go to the kitchen NOW! Make this bread NOW! During kneading I guess I burnt thousands of calories ;D
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Graham Rolls

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First time I made them, they disappeared so fast that I didn’t manage to take even one picture of them :)
This time I was more lucky :)

When you compare them with other bread, they taste a bit different. It’s because of honey and, above all, graham flour that you use while making these rolls. Here in Poland (especially in small towns) it’s a bit difficult to find this particular kind of flour. That is why, the moment you do, buy it right away :) It’s good to supply yourself with that kind of ingredients :) Especially, if you are a person with various cravings… like I am ;P
Kneading the dough is really exhausting and monotonous, it also takes some time but… it’s really worth all this effort, it is :) Once the dough is ready, you’ll see how cooperative it is while forming the rolls :)

I was baking them late in the evening just to enjoy my breakfast with yummy rolls :)
(And… not sure how it happened but some of them had already disappeared before I woke up ;P)

One of my favourites :)
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Wheatmeal Bread

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Once it turned out that making your own bread at home is sooo easy and, what’s more, soooo tasty – I promised to myself I would bake it from time to time. Really worth doing so. As I mentioned some time ago, this feeling when you take out warm bread straight from the oven is simply… priceless :)
Those who check on Sarenka more often know that I’m mostly in favour of wholemeal bread :) Well, can’t do much about it – no one will convince me that wheat breadstuff is superior to the wholemeal one :) Nope, sorry ;)
They say that first times are highly overrated… Well, that’s my second bread ever so according to what they say, it should be way better than the first one. To be honest, both are equally good! :)) No favouring ;)

And by the way… I’ve got a new baking form! Be ready for new experiments ;D
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Butter Croissants

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My first post here : )
Would be nice if not the last one.

You may say that croissants would be perfect for breakfast time but it was one Sunday evening that I decided to make them for the first time. And to tell you the truth, they barely survived till the morning!
Now, the question is what they’ve got that other croissants mostly lack in..? Hmm… Personally I think it’s all about their “butterness” They’re soft, subtle and, let it sound ad-like, but they simply melt in the mouth… Yummy!
There is one huge trouble about them – you just can’t stop eating them ; )
I highly encourage you to make them – the best are still hot straight from the oven : )

Just as a matter of explanation, since it’s just the beginning of my cooking path, most of the recipes used on Sarenka Baking will be taken from my Baking Guru. Dorotko, thank you soooooooooo much for your amazing Moje Wypieki and for all the inspiration you gave to me!
This recipe can be also found here
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