Coffee Brownies

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Maybe it’s not one of the most holiday-like recipes but I have really had a craving for coffee recently. Any version of it :)
Still, I think that next posts will be more suitable for summer time :)

About the cake – Coffee Brownies – flawless.
I know I’ve been using this description quite often but… well, what can I do when it’s so good? :) To my taste, of course :)
This brownies is wetty chocolatey and quite alcoholic… While it’s being baked, the smell of the cake surrounds the whole flat… Amazing.

And just a short explanation for my recent absence… Well, to cut the story short, it’s all about a new passion :) It turns out we learn throughout our whole lives and we can really surprise ourselves, positively so :)
As for now, I’ve been trying to find time for everything :)
After the long weekend I think I’ll come back with some new ice-cream recipes… All in all, Andrew is here with me :)
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Brownie with Drunk Prunes

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And yet another idea for a very good and heavy portion of a chocolate cake.
You know what I think about Brownies… I’ve said it so many times… Baking this cake only confirmed what I thought before – Brownies The King of Chocolate Cakes :)
And let me underline (subjectively so) that this cake is way better than the oatmeal one :)
Adding prunes made the cake more creamy and wet, which is really really good :)
You know me, I tend to panic for no reason. At first I thought the cake was not ready yet… as if it were still raw… And then it occured to me that these are prunes which give this creamy feeling… Gosh, one day I’ll be totally lost in this world ;P

I’ve got my own bakelist and I’m trying to keep it up-to-date… This time I also decided to check to exact date of adding this recipe to my list… and it turned out it was a year ago… Time flies ;)

Maja made a richer version of this cake. Me, the lazy one, tried to make it simple ;)
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Chocolate Oatmeal Cake

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The express one.
You don’t even need a mixer to make it. A spoon should be enough.
By the way, don’t you think it’s time for “No Mixer” category? It would be useful, me thinks ;)

I found this recipe on Rustykalna Kuchnia and I immediately fell in love with the pictures. Yes, these are the eyes that eat first :)
The only thing I changed in the original recipe was the time of baking. I shortened it a bit since my cake was ready after an hour or so :) It is also connected with my personal weakness for heavy and wet cakes ;)

So especially for you, emergency cake which goes perfectly with a cup of coffee ;)
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Cuckoo Cake

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There are cakes you just know you’ll bake… Like, you’re sure of it even before baking :)
The moment I saw this recipe, I already knew it would be on my must-bake list and, moreover, I knew it would be one of my favourites!
And to tell you, I was not wrong at all :)
It won’t be an exaggeration to place this cake among the most delicious ones on Sarenka!
(Of course there is still a lot to be added in the future, I hope) But for the time being, I will welcome Cuckoo Cake in my Top5… or even Top3 :)

Just to explain, the name of the cake comes from Polish sweets called Cuckoo Sweets. You can check on them here :)

The cream is sooo creamy, just the way it should. Especially when you try it straight from the fridge… If you add the taste of (a bit) drunk biscuits and my beloved brownies… Mhmm… Pure perfection for me :)

If you want the cream to be thicker, you’ll have to add a bit of gelatine to it.
I decided not to and… well, the cream got a bit slippy ;P But as you already know me, I would stand more for the taste than perfect look :)

So so so hurry up to the kitchen!
It’s really really worth making :)
Czytaj dalej

Sweet & Salty Brownies

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Evening pictures.
Million calories.

Why, I really forgot how it is to take pictures in the evenings. Got a bit scared they wouldn’t look as yummy as they should :)
Of course I could wait till the sunny morning but in this case it would be of a high risk… Brownies started disappearing quite fast so that the next day I was left with a quarter only :)

I’m sitting here trying to find a right word to describe this cake and, really, the only thing coming to my mind is… a bomb! This cake is like a bomb, no joking. Bomb, gut bomb :)
No other way to describe it since it’s quite fatty mascarpone along with peanut butter, caramel and peanuts themselves! Paraphrasing Sophie Ellis Bextor “it’s a murder at the table…” ;)
And the taste… Hmmm… The taste is surprising, at least for me. It’s like expecting to eat something really really sweet and then, all of a sudden, oh my! it’s salty too?! Nicely contrasted :)
Oh, and one more thing, if you think you’ll get plump right after eating this brownies, no way. Just no way. I ensure you that eating a piece of it can easily satisfy your sweet tooth :)

There is also a thing I’d like to explain here. This mentioned caramel. Well, I have to admit this is MY version of caramel, so to speak… which simply means it’s more like caramel-fudge mass rather than real caramel itself :) But you know what? It’s so addictive!

So, let my brownies love last forever :)
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Cheese Brownies with Raspberries

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Oh, I was supposed to make this brownies long long time ago… Actually, last year :)
But as they say, happens :)
This year I couldn’t say no to it…

I just love all cheesecakes, I just love all brownies, I just love… all raspberries ;)
Flawless combination it is.

PS. This recipe is taken from Moje Wypieki but having read some of the comments and suggestions, I decided to introduce small aterations :)

PS2. While writing these words, brownies is still in the oven… And do believe me, the smell is way-out! Oh my!
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Dulce de leche Brownies

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It’s like toffi, it’s like fudge… It is ridiculously sweet :)
The mass itself, not the cake :)

You may say I started saying hello to autumn but… not exactly… I just opened the wrong can ;P
I realised I saw no difference between sweetened condensed milk and dulce de leche… So once the can was opened, I had to make a use of it ;)

Brownies is quick to be made… Delicious in its heaviness… And so non-fruity ;P
So why not to make it? :))
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The name and the recipe stolen from Moje Wypieki.
In my humble opinion, this cake has got everything that a good cake needs to have – it’s heavy, wet, extremely chocolatey with delicious cream.
Just to underline at the very beginning, if you’re a fan of fluffy sponge cakes, this recipe is not for you… And if it is not for you, you may feel like jumping to wuzetka recipe :)
If you are, however, a lover of more brownie-like cakes, you’ll fall for this one, for sure! The exceptional mix of the flavours is what makes the cake sooo good – on the one hand, chocolate everywhere… on the other hand, coconut surprise :)
And though you may find it difficult to cut the cake into two pieces (kind of troublesome, at least for me ;P), it’s really worth making it :)
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Nutella Brownies

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Never ever have I made brownies. And as they say, that’s classic in baking.
I had several attempts to make it, you know, just out of curiosity. The main problem was the audience since there are few people in my family who are fond of sad layer : ) Sooo, it would be rather pointless to bake something that no one would even try… On the other hand, it was just impossible that half of the world was wrong… Reading different comments I saw only oohs and achs over brownies cakes… then how could it be bad?
When it comes to new tastes, I’m trying to have as open-minded palate as possible (and I hope it won’t change at all). The decision was made – make brownies.

My impressions – that’s not sad layer, no no no : ) The texture is heavy and wet – true but… what’s the most important – it’s hell yummy!!! Soooo chocolatey, perfect with a cup of coffee – it won my heart : ) For sure I’ll check on other versions of brownies and I presume I won’t be disappointed at all : )

This brownies was made from here but… from half of the portion provided… What a shame…

PS There is a real chocolate phase going on here ;D
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