RedCurrant Tart

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Loads of redcurrant!
Redcurrant jam – done (not sure why not posted ;))
Redcurrant Ice-Cream – done.
Sooo… time for the tart. Second attempt :)

I honestly need to admit that working with this dough was a bit more difficult than with the previous one. Especially when it came to dough rolling. Well, finger pressing method did the trick so nothing to worry about ;)

The tart itself is something I adore :)
Sour, aah :)
Refreshing, aah :)
You taste it and suddenly, somewhere at the end of your tongue you feel the taste of coconut… Niiice :)

Best served – still warm :)
If you like apple pie straight from the oven, this tart will win your hearts :) Ooopsie, stomachs ;)
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Coconut Layer Cake with Black Currant

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How was your Easter?
You can’t move, right? ;)
Do not worry, it will soon pass ;)

I know I should be posting my diet juices now… just, I don’t feel like ;) So against all the unwritten rules, I’m offering you something sweety sweet :)
Think about all those people who suffered self-sacrifice during Lent time… They deserve some nice treat now, right? ;)

I found this cake here. I decided to change the jams, though, since I really don’t feel like eating strawberries now… Maybe I’m waiting for their season to come..? Probably yes :)
First time I made this cake, I couldn’t cut it, touch it or even take any pictures… Why so? The cake was not for me. It was for my friend who celebrated her birthday. And hey, she is recommending this cake too! Just so you know! :)
But coming back to what I was saying, that was my second attempt and this time all the procedures before tasting the cake took place ;)

The taste of coconut is prominent here. And it is the black currant jam that breaks it a bit. I wouldn’t be so sure about the raspberries that are suggested in the original recipe… Wouldn’t it be too sweet? No idea. Need to check it one day :)
If you want your sponge to be wetty wet, do not forget to leave coconut milk in the fridge overnight. You’ll get much more coconut water which is necessary for soaking.

So so so, I truly recommend this deliciousness, especially to those who are coconut lovers!
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Coconut Cheesecake

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It looked so tempting and classy in the pictures… And the combination of coconut and chocolate seemed so perfect… And… Well, everything was for making this cheesecake :)
Indeed, everyone was saying that it was a real taste bingo :) Uff, what a relief ;)
I think that this is the mousse that does the trick. It is so delicate and delicious.

As you can see, my longing for cheesecakes has been growing stronger… So maybe… another one is the nearest future..? :)
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Coconut Square

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I’m not saying it’s Rafaello… I’m not saying it on purpose because… it’s not :)
It’s just a Coconut Square :)
Very easy to make. Express too. Just this cooling time… Waiting waiting… Oh well… :)

And and and, here I am to declare that this cake is not entirely mine! Since I’m working that much, someone had to stay at home and finish what I’d started :) Sooo, me to work, Mum to mixing :) When I got back, the cake had already been in the fridge, cooling. Yes, you can be jealous now :)
I think I could get used to it… ;)
The recipe is from somewhere (or nowhere). The moment I gain some more information, I’ll let you know :)
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Apricot-Coconut Pralines

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Always confusing things… yes, it’s me… :)
This time, the same, exactly the same. Changing, modifying, creating… and to my surprise, they’re so good! :)
I promised to myself that apart from Prune Pralines I would check other praline recipes too :) And so I did!
If I were to say which one are better… hmm… difficult choice. As usual, you’ll have to check on both recipes, I think :)
That’s why… here they come :)
Not much to do, such fun from snacking ;P
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Wholemeal Biscuits

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Made late in the evening just because… there are too few biscuit/cookie recipes on Sarenka ;P
Well, my love to everything that is wholemeal-like is nothing new therefore these biscuits :)
Making them is ridiculously fast, which is kind of important when you compare the effort made with the final results :)
And since not everyone is fond of healthy and fit stuff, some of the biscuits asked me to glaze them with chocolate… Well, how could I refuse? ;D
One more thing when it comes to baking them, according to the original recipe, I should get 35 biscuits, while I got only… 20! That is why I decided to keep them in the oven a bit longer than the author suggests :)
And the biscuits themselves? Quite crumbly, strongly wholemeal, not that sweet and perfect to accompany a glass of warm milk or grain coffee :) And healthier, of course!
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The name and the recipe stolen from Moje Wypieki.
In my humble opinion, this cake has got everything that a good cake needs to have – it’s heavy, wet, extremely chocolatey with delicious cream.
Just to underline at the very beginning, if you’re a fan of fluffy sponge cakes, this recipe is not for you… And if it is not for you, you may feel like jumping to wuzetka recipe :)
If you are, however, a lover of more brownie-like cakes, you’ll fall for this one, for sure! The exceptional mix of the flavours is what makes the cake sooo good – on the one hand, chocolate everywhere… on the other hand, coconut surprise :)
And though you may find it difficult to cut the cake into two pieces (kind of troublesome, at least for me ;P), it’s really worth making it :)
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