Creamy Lemon Pralines

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Not much of a story about them.
I just had to use the rest of mascarpone :) And make something edible, by the way :)
I was surprised myself with the taste! I mean, I didn’t expect them to be so yummy!
Such little things… So good :)

They were supposed to say goodbye to September but seems they’re here to greet October. Fair enough :)
And one more thing, they were really willing to sit for me while taking pictures! As if they asked me to take one more and one more and…
I know, silly it sounds ;)
To be fair, each of them deserved an individual portrait ;)

Taste-wise – delicious.
Decoration-wise – well, you know I’m manually disabled ;P

Try them out :)
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Milky Roll

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It was a matter of time… :)
Since I saw this roll on Lady Laura’s blog, I knew I would make it myself. There was no other option :)
Obviously, like with all new cakes that I decide to make, this time I had my worries too – it was my first roll ever! That is why, I think you should have seen me rolling the sponge… or I should rather say, trying to roll the sponge ;P Thanks God, there are more decisive people at home ;P
When it comes to the cake itself – flawless. The sponge is the same I used in making Drunkard and Wuzetka. No problems with rolling it. At all. And the cream… Mhmm… Milky pleasure at its best :))
All in all, to-be-repeated :)
Laura – ┬ímuchas gracias ;D
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Chocolate Square

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Takes only a quarter to prepare it plus one night of waiting in the fridge (it’s awful, I know ;P) and it’s ready!
If you need sugar desperately, you really have to make it!

I saw dozens of versions of this square. This is one is sooo ours, home-made and I think (subjectively so) the best of all! Need a proof? Half of it disappeared in only 15 minutes! Well, let’s face it – Chocolate Square is highly addictive. Eat a piece and you’ll immediately crave for more… Sooo a small helping can’t do any bad ;P

To finish, buy milk powder of a good quality and make it… It’s a must! :)
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