Grasshopper Pie

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If I had known this cake was so easy to be made!
I think what is the most time-consuming about this cake is laying the form with the biscuits ;)
Well, this won’t be a secret if I tell you I changed the original recipe… The thing is, I had to, I really had to… There were some extra products on the shelves waiting to be used ;P You know, priority thing ;P What is interesting is that adding amaretti biscuits gave a completely unexpected combination of flavours – a really good combination, that is :) To tell you, now it’s difficult to imagine this cake could taste in a different way!

If you ask yourself why Grasshopper..? Well, interesting thing again. Apparently, long time ago Filipino cuisine was known for adding real insects to this cake! Total craziness, one may say! But… I think I would be willing to have a go… or have a bite, to be more precise ;P

Below you’ll find the recipe the way I found it.
My alterations are given in the brackets.

Oh, no baking! Isn’t it great? :)
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Mint Cheesecake

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The relationship of mint and chocolate is something I’m totally NOT fond of… To cut the story short, I usually try to avoid that kind of combination. But. Ha, there is always a but :)
Seems that it’s all about time we need to understand some things ;)
I made this cake just of out curiosity because it was so hard for me to imagine that some mint leaves can make such a difference in the taste of the cake… I just couldn’t believe in all these oohs and achs over “the mintness” of the cheesecake. I thought it was a clear exaggeration and… Oh my, I was soooo wrong!
To my surprise, it is refreshing and cooling. These two words describe the cake in the best possible way.
Mint chimes with the milk-chocolate glazing as well as with the chocolate bottom.
Additionally, when it comes to this cheesecake, apart from the taste, you can also appreciate the beauty of it :) It’s so greeeeeeeeeenish :) Well, my version is more pastelmint but it’s only because I used less mint that the original recipe suggests :) And still, you can see some greenish shadows ;)

So, for those who are in love with mint… and for those who are not, too ;)
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