Nutella Cheesecake

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All went wrong, all went wrong… And in the end, this “all” turned out to be prefectly right :)

This cheesecake was a total rebel from the very beginning. No matter what I did, it was somehow telling me “Bake bake, I’ll still turn out to be a mistake”.
Sooo, it collapsed, cracked, glazing died… Shall I continue? :)
There was a moment it really tried to be the meanest cake of all… Burdened with a baking curse or what? ;)

Well, here I am to declare – it may be one of the ugliest cheesecakes on Sarenka but… one of the most delicious too! I couldn’t be more serious.
Have a bite and your taste buds will encounter the flavour of hazelnuts at first… just to turn to this creamy nutella cheesiness in a second… Yummy, just yummy!

As I mentioned before, chocolate glaze died… that’s why here it is for you, the sauté version :)
Simplicity is the answer to everything, as usual :)
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Light Meringue Cake

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I just love the recipes from Moje Wypieki :)
I think I’ve never been disappointed with any of them!
I remember when Dorota, the owner of Moje Wypieki, announced she would have her own cooking book published. I knew I had to have it on my shelf, I just knew it. Someone may say that the recipes are basically the same as those that can be found online but… a book is a book :) You can hold it in your hands, feel how heavy it is, smell it (!) while turning the pages… Dirtying it while baking is only a matter of time, I’m sure of it… That’s the beauty of a book :)

This Meringue Cake is something I found in the mentioned book.
I’m calling it a meringue cake but the truth is, it has nothing to do with meringue! I mean, it’s made like one but the taste does not resemble meringue at all!
Mum said it tasted like poppy cake… For my aunt it was more like a fruitcake… Hmmm, maybe chocolate cake too? :)
I had already had a plan what to do with six yolks being left (this this you can make!).
Three things about this cake – light as a feather, delicious as… everything here :P and so easy to be done :)
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Nutella Ice-Cream

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Nutella – continuation :)

While making this ice-cream, I decided to look through Ice-Cream Category to see which one is the easiest and the fastest to be made… Aaaand The Express Oscar Goes To… Nutella Ice-Cream! Ha, what a surprise, right? ;P
This ice-cream is so effortless… so uncomplicated… so Delicious :D
Mixing three ingredients, cooling, mixing again and freezing – that’s not much, is it? :)

There is one thing I need to mention about Nutella Ice-Cream, though. It is kind of soft and creamy, that is why do not expect it to be supersolid and not melting. It will melt for sure :)

Well, that’s no secret I was eating the mass straight from the bowl while mixing… It’s too good to resist!
Well, it’s with Nutella so how could you say no..? :)
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(Like) Ferrero Rocher Pralines :)

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It will get more nutellish on Sarenka, I guess :)
I love Nutella. Do I have to say more? :)

These pralines taste the same as the original Ferrero Rocher. Really really really. No joke.
No glazing as you can see. It’s because I’ve been escaping from making it recently :) No idea why :)
Be aware because they’re highly addictive. You won’t be satisfied with one only :)
I found this recipe way too late…

For other Nutella Recipes jump here :)
For the original version of this recipe jump here :)

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Nutella Brownies

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Never ever have I made brownies. And as they say, that’s classic in baking.
I had several attempts to make it, you know, just out of curiosity. The main problem was the audience since there are few people in my family who are fond of sad layer : ) Sooo, it would be rather pointless to bake something that no one would even try… On the other hand, it was just impossible that half of the world was wrong… Reading different comments I saw only oohs and achs over brownies cakes… then how could it be bad?
When it comes to new tastes, I’m trying to have as open-minded palate as possible (and I hope it won’t change at all). The decision was made – make brownies.

My impressions – that’s not sad layer, no no no : ) The texture is heavy and wet – true but… what’s the most important – it’s hell yummy!!! Soooo chocolatey, perfect with a cup of coffee – it won my heart : ) For sure I’ll check on other versions of brownies and I presume I won’t be disappointed at all : )

This brownies was made from here but… from half of the portion provided… What a shame…

PS There is a real chocolate phase going on here ;D
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Nutella Muffins

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With a bit of delay…
Yummy over all yummies! They’re finger-licking good!
Really delicious muffins with nutella filling for both the young and… the young-at-heart : )
Soft and sweet they are… Well, let’s not exaggearate with this sweetness… We don’t need any remorse, do we? : )
While baking, nutella catches this amazing crispy effect, which makes eating them even more pleasant.
This position is a must-bake for all muffin-eaters!
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