Chocolate Oatmeal Cake

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The express one.
You don’t even need a mixer to make it. A spoon should be enough.
By the way, don’t you think it’s time for “No Mixer” category? It would be useful, me thinks ;)

I found this recipe on Rustykalna Kuchnia and I immediately fell in love with the pictures. Yes, these are the eyes that eat first :)
The only thing I changed in the original recipe was the time of baking. I shortened it a bit since my cake was ready after an hour or so :) It is also connected with my personal weakness for heavy and wet cakes ;)

So especially for you, emergency cake which goes perfectly with a cup of coffee ;)
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Banana Bread

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A lot of working recently. That’s good.
Less time for baking. That’s really bad.
That is why now I can really appreciate these moments when I can unwind spending my time in the kitchen, mixing, cutting, stirring… and of course, tasting!

Browsing through some baking websites, I found several cakes looking so interesting (taste-wise, obviously) that I had to spend some time thinking which one to choose… Well, after a long fight with me, myself and I, the decision was made – I’d make something else ;)
This something else is a cake. I mean, bread… I mean, a cake… Hmmm, that’s the thing – hard to say if that’s more like a cake or bread :) Let’s assume for a moment it’s bread. Well, that’s a sweet one, perfect for coffee. Now, one can say it’s definitely a cake. Really? Everyone who saw it said it was bread, bread for sure! :)
I chose to call it bread as… it’s my Sarenka and well, I can call it the way I want ;)
I’m not a big fan of banana baking therefore it came as a huge surprise that I liked it so much! My taste, absolutely. Banana Bread is quite heavy and wet in its texture. Yes, my taste :)
I found it on Asia’s blog and introduced tiny (really really tiny) alterations :)
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The Granola :)

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All of the ingredients are my favourite! That is why this granola is mine, mine, mine!!! :)
I decided to make my own version because I noticed that I had a tendency to look through my previous granolas, searching for some bigger pieces of nuts… Then I thought – why would I look for the best ingredients if… all of them can be the best!

In my granola chopping is not welcome. Well, maybe just a bit :) I like when the nuts are big, noticeable and extremely crunchy :) And roasted hazelnuts… oh mummy… it’s like a tiny version of nutella… The best with hot milk :)

You’re all invited… :)
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(Going) Nut Granola :)

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I haven’t made any granola for a very very very long time.
Time to catch up with some :)

This one I found on My Man’s Kitchen. I decided to make if from half of the portion given. Just to try it out :)
By the way, I realised that granola drying is really individual matter – sometimes it can take up to 40 minutes and sometimes, like in this case, only 20! Or to be honest… even shorter :)

Nut Granola is something I’ll be still experimenting with. As for now, that’s the recipe :)
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I just love it! I just love it!
I know that it is something I usually say about oat/seed/wholemeal bakery but… Flapjack has become one of my favourites. So serious I am.
I’ve made it three times so far and… up to now, I didn’t manage to take any pictures of it! It all disappeared so quickly! Hmmm… that probably proves how I like it :)
Flapjack has a tendency not to keep a solid form of a biscuit, yes, that’s true. But it’s a typical characteristic of it, I guess :)
When it comes to mixing dried fruit, feel free to use your favourites. Whatever floats your boat :)
Hmm… let me think… I guess I’ve forgotten something… hmmm
Ah, yes!
To the kichen! Check it out! :)
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Energy Bars

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Are you in need of rehab?
Do you tend to snack quite often choosing sweets and chocolates mostly?
These Bars will be a nice solution for you :)
Such a simple substitute they are! No-sweet, crispy and very tasty. And above all, they can help you to get rid of this little hunger :)
At first, I wanted to make them as no-bake bars (like in the original recipe) but it turned out they were not solid at all… So a quick decision to finally bake them and… bingo :)
Still, I think I’ll have another attempt to make a no-bake version of them in the nearest future :)
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Wholemeal Biscuits

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Made late in the evening just because… there are too few biscuit/cookie recipes on Sarenka ;P
Well, my love to everything that is wholemeal-like is nothing new therefore these biscuits :)
Making them is ridiculously fast, which is kind of important when you compare the effort made with the final results :)
And since not everyone is fond of healthy and fit stuff, some of the biscuits asked me to glaze them with chocolate… Well, how could I refuse? ;D
One more thing when it comes to baking them, according to the original recipe, I should get 35 biscuits, while I got only… 20! That is why I decided to keep them in the oven a bit longer than the author suggests :)
And the biscuits themselves? Quite crumbly, strongly wholemeal, not that sweet and perfect to accompany a glass of warm milk or grain coffee :) And healthier, of course!
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Wheatmeal Bread

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Once it turned out that making your own bread at home is sooo easy and, what’s more, soooo tasty – I promised to myself I would bake it from time to time. Really worth doing so. As I mentioned some time ago, this feeling when you take out warm bread straight from the oven is simply… priceless :)
Those who check on Sarenka more often know that I’m mostly in favour of wholemeal bread :) Well, can’t do much about it – no one will convince me that wheat breadstuff is superior to the wholemeal one :) Nope, sorry ;)
They say that first times are highly overrated… Well, that’s my second bread ever so according to what they say, it should be way better than the first one. To be honest, both are equally good! :)) No favouring ;)

And by the way… I’ve got a new baking form! Be ready for new experiments ;D
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Pistachio-Cranberry Bites

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Cranberry – yummy, dates – yummy, honey – yummy and… my beloved pistachios!
That kind of snacks should be recommended worldwide
just because they’re
and they will satisfy your tummy ;P
(Apart from baking attempts, I took up a rhyming course ;P)

The balls are honeyish with a bit of saltiness thanks to pistachios. They’re also sticky-sticky because of dates being used.
As the original recipe gives, they’re called Energy Bites, which is sooo understandable since both nuts and dried fruit are a real dose of energetic kick for you ;D Even though the balls are so tiny :)
I assume my adventure with these has just started and I’ll go on with experimenting with them changing and mixing the ingredients as much as I like :)

Tasty tasty :)

Oh, and I would have forgotten, I dedicate this recipe to my dear blender which decided to pass away ;P
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Superfast Fitness-kies

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Amazing, simply amazing! I adore (and will adore) that kind of biscuits and if someone tells me to stop, they’ll get a kick ;)
The moment I noticed them on Kuchnia w wersji light, I knew I would make them! That’s a perfect alternative to the first version of Fitness-kies which won my heart (or stomach, for this matter ;P) straightaway.
Making them is much faster than making Fitness-kies I mentioned. The most important thing is that you don’t have to wait so long to eat them :) Mixing, sticking and baking, that’s all :)
For me – perfect :)
Oh, and you won’t feel bad about eating them – they’re pure health :)
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