Chocolate Salami

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It’s decided!
We’re changing Sarenka’s profile!
Butcher-like it will be ;)
That would be something, right?

While looking through some recipes on Moje Wypieki, I found information about Dorota’s favourite blog… It made me really curious… That kind of recommendation speaks for itself. I had to check on it!
It turned out that ChilliBite is a really yummy blog.
And the idea of making Chocolate Salami appealed to me the moment I saw it :)
What is more, only after some time did I get to know that this bar is also one of the traditional desserts of Portugal! Isn’t it nice? You know my adoration for this language :)

Well, a real piece of chocolate meat for you :)
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Pistachio Pralines

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Sometimes before I decide to post something, I need to think it over and over and over again.
Here’s the story…

… these were supposed to be the most beautiful pralines I’ve ever made.
Well-formed, smooth… little perfections, so to speak :)
Obviously, everything went wrong… Standard situation, which in my case means manual failure!
Just the question is… so what?
So what they are not smooth and they look like little monsters if the taste compensates everything? The pistachio mass is so good that I had huge problems with refraining myself from eating everything straight from the bowl.
So what they don’t look like role models if they disappeared the moment they appeared!
Gosh, it’s such a pleasure to see someone who is not so fond of pistachios at all, who says it can’t be good, who tells you “don’t do it, it’s a waste of time”… to see this person sneaking up to the fridge just to eat one more praline! :)

So… It seems you’re reading a post which wasn’t meant to be here :)
Taste is what counts and let it always be this way :)

PS I’d die for this pistachio mass. No joke!
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