Rhubarb-Strawberry Ice-Cream

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I would have never thought of adding rhubarb to ice-cream!
What is more, I would have never thought that this kind of combination can be so tasty!
And to tell you, I would be soooo wrong :)

From time to time I’m trying to look through some particular categories, checking on my favourite recipes.
Once I’ve checked Ice-Cream Category, I was surprised to find out that… almost everything is equally yummy! I really think I can’t choose which ones are better and which even better than just better ;P

And now this recipe… Another favourite!
Mum is saying that this Ice-Cream is highly addictive… Well, she couldn’t be more right!
And this taste of rhubarb entwining with vanilla ice-cream… Mhmmm… Fantastic combination.

I just hope that my beloved Auntie let me steal some more rhubarb from her precious garden :)
Because I’ll do it again… For sure!
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