French Dimpled Rolls

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Last week was the kneading week.
I made Graham Rolls twice, these rolls also twice and… pizza dough also twice?
Oh my. And I needed a bit more than a week to make it all?
Well… that’s my workout :)

I decided to try this recipe out because these rolls resemble our Polish (PoznaƄ, to be specific) Rolls so much… and what is more, my Dad loves them :)
They are really yummy… just not my favourite… I think I’ll stick to my beloved wholemeal bread, rolls etc :)
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Cheddar-Knot Rolls

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Really spontaneous!
Following yeast cravings!
One of the nicest dough to work with! As pliable as it could be :)
Here with cheddar but it can be any other cheese you can think of… Next time I’ll add some mixed herbs too, just to make the rolls even more flavoursome… and maybe some chopped fried onion? :)
Later on in the evening it came to my mind that these rolls can go nicely with Polish borscht too (that’s a traditional beetroot soup, really really really yummy :))
So, this time, not a really sweet recipe :) But hey, it’s still about baking, isn’t it? :)
A Spicy Perspective was my inspiration. The Knots you can find there look so delicious that I’ll surely make the bacon version too!
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