French Dimpled Rolls

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Last week was the kneading week.
I made Graham Rolls twice, these rolls also twice and… pizza dough also twice?
Oh my. And I needed a bit more than a week to make it all?
Well… that’s my workout :)

I decided to try this recipe out because these rolls resemble our Polish (Poznań, to be specific) Rolls so much… and what is more, my Dad loves them :)
They are really yummy… just not my favourite… I think I’ll stick to my beloved wholemeal bread, rolls etc :)
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Pączki – Polish Doughnuts (part II)

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And that’s the second version of Pączki :)
It turned out that when no one was looking at me while working in the kitchen, doughnuts got twice as big as the previous ones ;P Oh, what can I do that I like xxl baking ;) Let it be cookies, bars of chocolate or mentioned doughnuts… They have to be big! :)

This time I tried this recipe out. It’s a nice one, too.
Just do forgive me that this post is so twin to the yesterday’s one. The thing is, the procedures while making doughnuts are so alike that I decided to be a bit lazy posting this time :)

I’m a teacher so grading time :)

4+ for the dough
5+ for the taste (outstanding!)

So now it’s your choice ;)
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Pączki – Polish Doughnuts

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Shrove Tuesday… in Poland Shrove too, but Thursday… Maybe a bit complicated but the most important thing about this time is that you can eat as many doughnuts as you want without any remorse ;)

I made my first doughnuts last year and all I remember is that they were VERY good and… VERY formless. I decided to stick to my “VERY standards” and this year both the taste and the form were the same ;P

I checked on two recipes from Moje Wypieki. In the search of the best, I can say :)
This one comes from my evening doughnut production (yes yes, I love baking at nights :))
If I were to evaluate it, I’d give:

5+ for the dough and how nicely it cooperated with me ;)
5 for the final taste of doughnuts

The original recipe you may find here.

And keep in my mind, the best doughnuts are those made at home… still warm, straight from the oven ;)
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Cheddar-Knot Rolls

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Really spontaneous!
Following yeast cravings!
One of the nicest dough to work with! As pliable as it could be :)
Here with cheddar but it can be any other cheese you can think of… Next time I’ll add some mixed herbs too, just to make the rolls even more flavoursome… and maybe some chopped fried onion? :)
Later on in the evening it came to my mind that these rolls can go nicely with Polish borscht too (that’s a traditional beetroot soup, really really really yummy :))
So, this time, not a really sweet recipe :) But hey, it’s still about baking, isn’t it? :)
A Spicy Perspective was my inspiration. The Knots you can find there look so delicious that I’ll surely make the bacon version too!
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Yeast Cupcakes

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Oh my, oh my. My fingers just got so itchy to bake :)
Something with yeast, yes yes.
I got a bit jealous, too :) Girls from other blogs were making buns, rolls, bread, croissants… Gosh, and what about me? :)
Straight to the kitchen, quick kneading, quick crumble making… and finally this beautiful smell of a yeast cake all around… To tell you, it’s something that can’t be described… For me, it’s just the smell of cosiness, home and love.
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Flax Seed Rolls

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Checking out wholemeal bread recipes in progress :)
To tell you the truth, it’s getting worse and worse to choose the most delicious ones! From the moment I made Graham Rolls, I thought they were simply the best but now… now I’m not that sure :) Flax Seed Rolls are sooo good too!
One thing for sure, both recipes are worth trying out :)

Wholemeal flour, seeds – that’s something I like the most :)
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Wholegrain Bread

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One of the best bread on Sarenka!
One of the best I’ve ever made!
I mean, one of the best… for me :) If you’re not fond of heavy bread with a lot of seeds inside, then you’ll have to search for something else. I have to admit that though the bread may seem quite heavy, the inside is rather fluffy and far from being solid!
As you may have noticed, I’ve been making yeast-based bread only… but this leaven-based ones… Hmmm… Still on my mind, still on my mind :)

As for now, try this one – especially those who CAN see the difference between the ready-made and home-made breadstuff :)

And one more thing, kind of important – if you’re sitting in your armchairs now, whining over your poor fitness motivation, blaming yourself for lack of consistency in exercising etc etc, go to the kitchen NOW! Make this bread NOW! During kneading I guess I burnt thousands of calories ;D
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Walnut Plait

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So here is the second one!
I’ll risk to say… it’s even more delicious than the first one ;)

As I mentioned before, I made it from the same dough I used in Cinnamon Plait, with slight changes when it comes to the filling. Apart from cinnamon and sugar, I also added ground walnuts and this composition turned out to be (as I call it) a baking bingo!
The thing that hasn’t changed is (one of the most delicious) crispy crust ever! I could eat all of it!

If you’re worried that walnuts can add this bitterness to the taste, leave your fears behind – it is just the way it should be, meaning perfect! :)
… And plaiting itself was sort of easier this time ;P
All in all, looking and tasting at its best :)
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Graham Rolls

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First time I made them, they disappeared so fast that I didn’t manage to take even one picture of them :)
This time I was more lucky :)

When you compare them with other bread, they taste a bit different. It’s because of honey and, above all, graham flour that you use while making these rolls. Here in Poland (especially in small towns) it’s a bit difficult to find this particular kind of flour. That is why, the moment you do, buy it right away :) It’s good to supply yourself with that kind of ingredients :) Especially, if you are a person with various cravings… like I am ;P
Kneading the dough is really exhausting and monotonous, it also takes some time but… it’s really worth all this effort, it is :) Once the dough is ready, you’ll see how cooperative it is while forming the rolls :)

I was baking them late in the evening just to enjoy my breakfast with yummy rolls :)
(And… not sure how it happened but some of them had already disappeared before I woke up ;P)

One of my favourites :)
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Cinnamon Plait

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Made today, posted today!
Why? Oh my! Because it’s soooooo delicious!
As usual, I needed at least several weeks to get myself together and bake it :) I looked through dozens of blogs, checking on doughs’ recipes mostly and… to tell you, I was stunned with the pictures of the plaits I’d seen :) Simply beautiful :) Well, I ended up using the most reliable recipe ever, that is a recipe from Moje Wypieki :)
From the original recipe I decided to steal the idea for the dough only. And I’m telling you, it’s amazing! Yet, the proportions given made me make two smaller plaits instead of one big :) The second plait soon on Sarenka too :))
When it comes to the Cinnamon Plait, for me it could be all covered with this yummy crispy yummy cinnamon crust! Soooooooo good it is :D


And I’m terribly sorry for my chaotic writing today but a moment ago Kamil-the-ski-jumper won a gold medal in the Olympic Games!!! I’m still so excited!
Well, time for the plait :D
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