Yeast Cupcakes

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Oh my, oh my. My fingers just got so itchy to bake :)
Something with yeast, yes yes.
I got a bit jealous, too :) Girls from other blogs were making buns, rolls, bread, croissants… Gosh, and what about me? :)
Straight to the kitchen, quick kneading, quick crumble making… and finally this beautiful smell of a yeast cake all around… To tell you, it’s something that can’t be described… For me, it’s just the smell of cosiness, home and love.
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Walnut Plait

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So here is the second one!
I’ll risk to say… it’s even more delicious than the first one ;)

As I mentioned before, I made it from the same dough I used in Cinnamon Plait, with slight changes when it comes to the filling. Apart from cinnamon and sugar, I also added ground walnuts and this composition turned out to be (as I call it) a baking bingo!
The thing that hasn’t changed is (one of the most delicious) crispy crust ever! I could eat all of it!

If you’re worried that walnuts can add this bitterness to the taste, leave your fears behind – it is just the way it should be, meaning perfect! :)
… And plaiting itself was sort of easier this time ;P
All in all, looking and tasting at its best :)
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Cinnamon Plait

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Made today, posted today!
Why? Oh my! Because it’s soooooo delicious!
As usual, I needed at least several weeks to get myself together and bake it :) I looked through dozens of blogs, checking on doughs’ recipes mostly and… to tell you, I was stunned with the pictures of the plaits I’d seen :) Simply beautiful :) Well, I ended up using the most reliable recipe ever, that is a recipe from Moje Wypieki :)
From the original recipe I decided to steal the idea for the dough only. And I’m telling you, it’s amazing! Yet, the proportions given made me make two smaller plaits instead of one big :) The second plait soon on Sarenka too :))
When it comes to the Cinnamon Plait, for me it could be all covered with this yummy crispy yummy cinnamon crust! Soooooooo good it is :D


And I’m terribly sorry for my chaotic writing today but a moment ago Kamil-the-ski-jumper won a gold medal in the Olympic Games!!! I’m still so excited!
Well, time for the plait :D
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Alright alright, I know that it looks more like a football but… the main idea was to make a cake which would be black and white and… here it is :)
That was the day when I felt like eating… something – yes, something… because I really didn’t know what to eat exactly… You probably know these silly cravings :)
While browsing the net, I found this Chess-cake and suddenly it was decided – that’s the cake to be made! Let me say that these were eyes eating mostly but… that’s quite essential too, isn’t it? :)
And I won’t be pretending that this is one of the most delicious cakes I’ve ever eaten. It’s very tasty with this nice black and white effect – that’s why I would recommend to check it out :)
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