RedCurrant Tart

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Loads of redcurrant!
Redcurrant jam – done (not sure why not posted ;))
Redcurrant Ice-Cream – done.
Sooo… time for the tart. Second attempt :)

I honestly need to admit that working with this dough was a bit more difficult than with the previous one. Especially when it came to dough rolling. Well, finger pressing method did the trick so nothing to worry about ;)

The tart itself is something I adore :)
Sour, aah :)
Refreshing, aah :)
You taste it and suddenly, somewhere at the end of your tongue you feel the taste of coconut… Niiice :)

Best served – still warm :)
If you like apple pie straight from the oven, this tart will win your hearts :) Ooopsie, stomachs ;)
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Nope, I didn’t disappear.
I still bake. No way I’ll stop :)
Recently, it’s been more about baking cakes for my family and friends. Mostly birthday cakes :) And you know how it is with birthday cakes… You make them. You can’t taste them. You can’t slice them. They’re just made and off they go :)
Nevertheless, I’ll try to post some recipes. The cakes were too good not to share them with you :)

Royal was prepared for my Grandma’s 80th birthday and I think it was a perfect choice. The cake is very interesting in taste… a bit luxurious, I would say :) It looks quite elegant as well. To be honest, Royal is more likely to win the hearts of men since it is rather heavy and wet. I don’t know how to explain it but there is something mannish about this cake… ;)
And bear in mind that if someone is not fond of peanut butter, they won’t like this cake. Even though there is only one thin layer of peanut butter cream, its taste can be really distinguished. Well, for such a peanut butter fan as I am it’s a perfect match :)

Last weeks were about Royal Baby.
So this post can be about Royal Cake, right? ;P
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Coconut Layer Cake with Black Currant

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How was your Easter?
You can’t move, right? ;)
Do not worry, it will soon pass ;)

I know I should be posting my diet juices now… just, I don’t feel like ;) So against all the unwritten rules, I’m offering you something sweety sweet :)
Think about all those people who suffered self-sacrifice during Lent time… They deserve some nice treat now, right? ;)

I found this cake here. I decided to change the jams, though, since I really don’t feel like eating strawberries now… Maybe I’m waiting for their season to come..? Probably yes :)
First time I made this cake, I couldn’t cut it, touch it or even take any pictures… Why so? The cake was not for me. It was for my friend who celebrated her birthday. And hey, she is recommending this cake too! Just so you know! :)
But coming back to what I was saying, that was my second attempt and this time all the procedures before tasting the cake took place ;)

The taste of coconut is prominent here. And it is the black currant jam that breaks it a bit. I wouldn’t be so sure about the raspberries that are suggested in the original recipe… Wouldn’t it be too sweet? No idea. Need to check it one day :)
If you want your sponge to be wetty wet, do not forget to leave coconut milk in the fridge overnight. You’ll get much more coconut water which is necessary for soaking.

So so so, I truly recommend this deliciousness, especially to those who are coconut lovers!
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Peanut Butter Cream Cake with Bananas

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I mentioned some time ago I’d been collecting loads of recipes.
The thing is, some of them have to wait really really long till I try them out. However, there are recipes which I fall in love with the moment I see them. They just hit me. All of a sudden I’ve got all necessary ingredients handy… I really don’t know how it works… but it’s not the first time it has happened :)
Dorota’s cake looked so fabulously representative that I couldn’t resist making it :) That’s the kind of a cake I just adore, the cream speaks for itself. I had to make it :)
Hmm, any suggestions?
Yes, do not try to avoid the jam in the recipe. It’s really crucial.
When it comes to using bananas… I’m not that sure if they’re a must. But they’re a nice surprise for eaters, for sure :)
The cake is quite big and satisfying… One piece will make you feel full :)

And last but not least, something that is rather obvious… just… it crossed my mind… It is really the best feeling ever when you bake something and then you see someone tucking it in with such a smile on their faces :) Such an amazing feeling, really. Cannot be described :)
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Choco-Coffee Cheesecake

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Do search till you find.
Cause I did :)

Not so long ago I discovered Dominika’s blog. Dominika has become quite popular thanks to our Polish Masterchef edition. I think I was a big fan of her since the very beginning of the programme. Cheerful, open-minded, deprived of jealousy, helpful… How not to like her? :) And her Kulinarne Bezdro┼╝a (which I would dare to translate to Unbeaten Culinary Track… but still, do forgive me if this translation is inadequate :)) Sooo, her blog… Well, it fully defines and complements her :)
That is why, I wanted to bake something from her recipes so so so much! But to my surprise, it turned out that Dominika keeps on searching for inspiration too! All the time! She is still hungry for cooking challenges! While looking through her recipes, I stumbled across Gotuje bo lubi (Cooks cause she likes it) and I fell in love with one of the cheesecakes immediately :) So as for now, I had to cheat on Dominika a bit ;)

This cheesecake is soft, wet, not sweet at all :)
The combination of tastes is so surprising! Positively so, I mean :)
Just do not turn away from using black currant jam. Just no :)

Here you can find the original recipe.
My version is a bit altered and adjusted to a smaller form :)
It’s really worth trying :)
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Mini-Tarts with Advocaat Cream

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Yes, if you check carefully, you can already find quite similar mini-tarts on Sarenka, here here :)
This time just a bit of a change when it comes to the cream.
I added advocaat… Well, I added it because it’s getting really cold here and liqueur can warm you up a bit ;) Aaand, thanks to the alcohol my mini-tarts are not that bland, tastewise :)
Why black currant jam? As usual, to break the sweetness. I’m not fond of really sweet sweets :)

PS. As you can see, the weather is not photo-friendly… But do believe me, I did my best. I hope my mini-tarts look at least a bit edible :)
Because they are!

December, be good to me :)
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RedCurrant Ice-Cream

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Such a long break!
I should be ashamed of myself… but I’m not ;P because I’ve just come back from the most wonderful holidays ever! :)))

I have to admit I feel a bit strange posting on Sarenka again… Well, need to put myself together, I think :)

There is this craze about red and black currant now… Especially on Dorota’s blog… The decision was quite easy – their craze – currant, my personal craze – ice-cream… Then RedCurrant Ice-Cream! :)

It’s flawless… Sour, really sour… You can feel this currant-acid pinching your tongue! So nice!
I’ll have to try out BlackCurrant version too, oh yes :)
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Black Currant Cake

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And that is the second cake I mentioned last time :)
Sweet but sour, sour but sweet :)
That’s the combination I like a lot :)

I decided to make this cake from half of the portion given in the original recipe. And still, it is quite big!
Now I’m thinking… who would eat the whole portion of it?! Wait… No no, on second thoughts, it wouldn’t be a problem at all ;P

The cake itself is rather wet and not very fluffly, that is why it doesn’t need any soaking, in my humble opinion :) Two kinds of cream make it as light as a feather :) Additionally, this pleasant acidity from black currant jam… Mhmm… Delicious :)

Here you can find the proportions of the ingredients for a really big cake :)
Mine was halved :)
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