Cheesecake (made) with Passion

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I don’t even want to think how long this recipe has waited to be posted… Shame on me…


Two possible ways of reading the name of the recipe.
You know my attitude to baking… Thus, Passion in the title :)
And more literal meaning – Passion Fruit as one of the basic ingredients of this cheesecake.
And here we have it :)

Passion Fruit is one of my favourite fruit. You had a chance to read a bit more about it while I was posting other recipes.
Currently, I’m trying to be patient to see it again on the shop shelves… It’s been so long. Too long, for sure :)I managed to squirrel some passion fruit curd away, though. I thought it was high time to make a use of it :)

I remember some time ago I made a cheesecake with lemon curd on top. I also remember people’s reactions to it – everyone was saying it was so tasty! (By the way, it turned out I still hadn’t posted it on Sarenka… Jesus, what’s going on with me?!)
Cheesecake with Passion has a really subtle taste. It’s not too sweet, thanks to quite sour top.
One of the most exotic baking on Sarenka :)
Check it out!

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Passion Fruit Meringue

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One of the biggest meringues I’ve ever made!
Happens :)

To me, it is a bit too sweet. But again it turned out that as many people as many tastes. My personal testers said that for meringue standards, this one… is not that sweet, in fact :)
Well, the only way to check is baking it :)

The cream is outstanding… but that’s typical of passion fruit, I think :)
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Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée

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Oh my, I was really in two minds whether to post this recipe or not…
This Brûlée is really really interesting. I mean, the recipe is, the taste is… just my final effect was not ;) It was not a complete failure but if you have a look at real Grand Master doing it, you’ll understand my own imperfections :)
Yet, as I said before, the recipe itself is interesting enough to share it with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be more lucky while making it? I hope so :) If you decide to make this Brûlée, I’ll be more than glad to hear about your experiences and impressions :)

Another thing worth mentioning is that once again I realised how important and useful it is… not to know :) What do I mean? Well, I decided to make it, I did make it and only then did I start reading all comments, pieces of advice, voices of disappointment and declarations of failure. I even encountered an opinion that Crème Brûlée is one the most difficult and “moody” desserts ever! Gosh, you can imagine how lucky I was not to read it all before making the cream. A bit discouraging it may be, don’t you think? :)
My Brûlée is far away from ideal, true. But isn’t it about the taste, after all?

The whole trick about Crème Brûlée is… way of baking it, I suppose. Right temperature and appropriate time of baking. Actually, it may mean different things for different people and… their ovens :) In my case, I was baking it till I said to myself “yes, that’s the moment to take it out”. Really, it’s about observing.

When it comes to pictures… I know, I know, nothing amazing. It’s because of baking in the evenings mostly. I’ll try to make up for it one day :)

Alright, enough of this chit-chat.
Time to bake “the most difficult of all desserts” :)
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Passion Fruit Roll

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Passion Fruit Curd was waiting in the fridge. I was just wondering what to do with it :) Eventually, it was decided – rolling again!
Last roll was so delicious that I decided to experiment with a more exotic version of it.
Effects? Subtle and fluffy cake with this slight passion fruit taste – baking bingo, so to speak :))
Unfortunately, there is one huge drawback – one slice is not enough to satisfy your bellies ;P Seconds guaranteed :)
Just remember that talking about passion fruit, we have to bear in mind these little (for some, annoying) seeds that can be found in the cream. Oh well, a matter of getting used to it, believe me :)
Sponge cake that I used in this roll is the one that you already know, just made from a bigger number of eggs (though I think making from a portion – 4 eggs + 4Tbs of sugar + 4 Tbs of flour – would be a good idea too).
Check it out, it’s a must!
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Mini-Tarts with White Cream and Passion Fruit

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Since passion fruit curd has been on Sarenka Baking for quite some time and not so long ago mini-tarts were posted too, I think it’s high time I introduced… THEM :)
Before making them, I had these two opposite predictions in my head – “Either they’re really good, or a complete disaster…” I guess it was connected with my limited taste imagination :) On the one hand, reading the recipe I nearly felt this sweetness coming from the cream, on the other hand, there was passion fruit with all its sourness… Then what? Will it go together or maybe quite the contrary?
The only thing I could do was to check them out… and so I did :)
Soooo… In my humble opinion… the tastes combine quite nicely :) Tarts are sweet, true, but if they’re too sweet? Nope, I would be far away from claiming so. Oh, not to forget, at the beginning you may feel quite awkward eating passion fruit seeds but it’s a matter of getting used to them :)
I really recommend them. Satisfaction guaranteed :)
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Passion fruit curd

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Ehh… passion fruit… this problematic passion fruit ;D The hunting took me more than half a year. Really, nowhere to be found (imagine the city I live in ;P) I almost decided on buying some pseudo-passion fruit stuff on the Internet and… ha! those who wait are rewarded (well, mostly ;P) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered Tesco supermarket and saw them lying on the shelves… waiting for me ;D Sooo, into the basket and straight to the checkout! The cashier was so polite to ask me what it was because… she didn’t have the foggiest idea ;D Well, no wonder – if they’ve got passion fruit on offer once a year…
Having bought it, I rushed home thinking what to do with my passion fruit curd :)
One thing is sure, I’ll definitely share my ideas later on :)

Now… the thing is, I can’t decide which curd is better – this one or maybe the lemon one :) Both are de-li-cious :) And that is why, I highly recommend trying both… You never know what can be to your taste until you check it out, right? :)
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