PeanutButter MiniCheesecakes

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It’s been a week or more now since I started eating peanut butter regularly. By saying regularly I mean… everyday ;)
Sometimes I’m trying to pretend that it’s only an addition to some wafers… But sometimes this pretending is pointless – I just eat it straight from the jar… My jeans started protesting.

Because of my new eating habit, I realised I forgot to post one of the recipes based on peanut butter.
I’m doing it right now… getting down to some new recipes :)
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Mini-Tarts with Advocaat Cream

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Yes, if you check carefully, you can already find quite similar mini-tarts on Sarenka, here here :)
This time just a bit of a change when it comes to the cream.
I added advocaat… Well, I added it because it’s getting really cold here and liqueur can warm you up a bit ;) Aaand, thanks to the alcohol my mini-tarts are not that bland, tastewise :)
Why black currant jam? As usual, to break the sweetness. I’m not fond of really sweet sweets :)

PS. As you can see, the weather is not photo-friendly… But do believe me, I did my best. I hope my mini-tarts look at least a bit edible :)
Because they are!

December, be good to me :)
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Yeast Cupcakes

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Oh my, oh my. My fingers just got so itchy to bake :)
Something with yeast, yes yes.
I got a bit jealous, too :) Girls from other blogs were making buns, rolls, bread, croissants… Gosh, and what about me? :)
Straight to the kitchen, quick kneading, quick crumble making… and finally this beautiful smell of a yeast cake all around… To tell you, it’s something that can’t be described… For me, it’s just the smell of cosiness, home and love.
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Double Chocolate Muffins

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If it says “no mixer”, I already like it and it is highly possible I’ll be baking :)
If it says “lots of chocolate”, I’ll be baking :) Even if I don’t like what I baked, there is a Crazy-Chocolate-Man here who will eat anything made of chocolate or cocoa.

Today muffins. Today loads of chocolate. Really really :)
I’m placing them on a quite high position on my personal muffin-list… but hmmm not in the Top3, I guess :)
The original recipe suggests they’re triple chocolate muffins but as for me, cocoa should remain cocoa ;P That’s why I named them (only) Double ;)
Although you can find a lot of chocolate pieces inside, they’re not heavy, they’re not wet. Not at all. I would even say they’re kind of fluffy :)
Chocoholics – something for you :)
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Muffins with nuts and chocolate

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Don’t know what to bake, bake muffins : )
Don’t know which ones, nuts and chocolate is always a bingo choice : )
A real key to success it is.

Personally, I like this kind of muffins a lot. Why? Hmm… It’s nothing sophisticated but… just have a bite and there is no turning back – yummy yummy yummy : )
The taste of nuts is definitely present but it does not steal the show at all. Big pieces of chocolate found inside are a nice surprise and simply pure pleasure : )
However, if the main audience here will be children, turn to sweet chocolate (or semi-sweet at least) – children are famous for having a sweet tooth ; )
For adults, stick to classic bitter taste : )

Though they do not look as awesome as the original ones, they’re delicious : )
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Black & White Muffins

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Still at the muffin topic, I would like you to try out Black & Whites : )
Do not worry about the structure, muffins are still as good as they could be – soft, subtle and non-sticky : )
Is there anything that makes them special? I think there is, of all muffins posted so far, these ones are the the most delicate and exquisite in their taste. That is why, double recommendation for them (if not triple!) : )
They should satisfy both cocoa and non-cocoa cake eaters : ) Every kind under the sun, as they say… well, close to it : )
The original recipe can be found here.
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Soooo-Chocolate Muffins

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They are soooo chocolate! I mean, really chocolate chocolate : )
Definitely a recipe for those who are in favour of cocoa and (not necessarily sweet) chocolate – that would be my Dad for example. For Mum, not so much.
Muffins are soft and not heavy at all. They can be easily seperated from the cups. And when it comes to taste.. hmmm… a pinch of highly addictive bitterness… : )
Placing them really high on my personal top muffin list : )
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